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Does this count?
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I never finished this, did she die at the end?
Yes but did she dream?
well fuck there goes the fun in watching...
just finished episode 1, gonna marathon this tonight.

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So how come we never got an animated version of G-senjou no Maou?

This could easily rival Death Note If done correctly.

also I want to see animated Usami Haru
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Considering the state of adaptations in the last year, it would either get a shitty single-cour series that messes up everything and cuts too much, or a two-cours one by a shitty studio and team that just ruins everything.
madhouse pls have mercy and adapt it as a 2-cour ;_;
I don't think Akabei Soft has ever let any of their works get animated though

And also, G-senjou wouldn't really work as an anime though. The whole VN is based on a twist that wouldn't work if we got to see the MC's face and hear his voice.

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14000 dollers
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Boobs too small
I bet Remonwater is looking for black market dealers to sell his organs.


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What is the best time loop story?
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Threads on /a/.
Tatami Galaxy from a narrative perspective, Steins;Gate from a sci-fi perspective, and Groundhog Day from a comedy perspective.
Are you retarded?

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It was isekai?
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Yes, it was Isekai. Isekai has been around for a long time.
Yes, but was long before it was overused as fuck so nobody gave a fuck.
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Ahead of its time.

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Thoughts on this anime?
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Pretty good 7/10
It was okay 7/10
shit 7/¹ⁿ

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When I dumped the first three chapters a few weeks ago, you guys seemed to like it. So here's chapter 4, freshly translated by Nayukilove in an act of dedication to equal legends because goddamn there's some word salad in here.
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Post your black haired girl waifu.
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i read that as dark skinned waifu
>girl waifu
Do you have a boy waifu on the side?
QUALITY thread, OP.

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I can't be the only person who likes this show about cycling right? There has to be someone else out there who likes it too right?
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I'm still waiting for finale of long riders
How is this show compared to it?
I'm enjoying it.

Deep inside I want to believe that they will eventually join races and shit, instead of muh fun like Long Riders
File: ss+(2017-01-29+at+11.34.00).jpg (389KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Never heard of this show. Cycling club has a lot of nice scenery wihch helps. Even though the character art itself seems kind of low budget.

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>This is a Japanese salaryman
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Who wants a promotion?
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I want to fuck that Japanese salaryman.

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For the few anons who read this series, it looks like its ending in February.


>Today is the release of the new Sirius.

>The truth is this will be the last time Maga Tsuki will appear. It is. Thank you for everything! Go what you gotta do, Yasuke!

What was /a/ thoughts on the series?
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it was shit anyway
I dropped when the fox girl appeared, time to pick it up again.
I used to read this but I don't remember when I stopped. What's even going on now?

Let Tomino-san re-write a dialogue scene you just recently watched from a show that isn't Gundam.
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But I don't speak Japanese.
>a show that isn't Gundam
Why? I'd gladly let him rewrite IBO. It can't get any worse.
Something something its all the adults' fault.

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My wife, Chino, is so angry !
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Chino is a little girl. You can't marry little girls.
your waifu and her anime are shit! SHIT
How does it feel to share your wife with 20 other anons?

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satania a best
Boring episode.

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Why does this anime and its accompanying threads always bring out the worst in /a/?

I'm just watching it and it actually seems kind of boring, it's just a bunch of shy and insecure teenagers fooling around. Like I don't get what gets /a/ riled up...
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Half of them is just warning the rest of how awful later volumes of the manga are, the other half are purityfags getting triggered.

Likewise, half the people who enjoy this show are cuckolds, and the other half are fedora tippers who think this anime is mature.
NTRfags truly are the worst breed on the face of the Earth.
I like it because it's fun for how exaggerated it is.

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