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Until we meet again.png
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No anime ending will ever top this for me, say what you will about dragon ball GT, but this is the perfect ending, and it blows the original Z's ending out of the water.
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I don't get it, it's just a shitty AMV
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I think it's the music that really does it for me, compare it to the english version

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Is this part true? why the fuck would trigger go so far for some shitty pawn stars easter egg meme. I guarantee that there probably isn't a single Japanese viewer who would recognize this whole connection, let alone realize the seiyuus are the same. Trigger just wants to suck the west's dick so dry its ridiculous. This is basically the equivalent to kyoani's budget draining over-animation. Hope you triggerfags enjoy 3 more le jap southpark inferno cop seasons due to waste of money.
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no fun.jpg
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is this some american idol?
So why are you complaining? What's the deal?

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I just finished Nisekoi and I couldn't help but feel like that fucking "We admit our love for one another but then separate for YEARS" ending is one I've seen a thousand fucking times.

I'm have a hard time remember other series that did that. Can anyone else think of some to jog my memory?
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nisekoi does nothing but make me rage at how fucking dragged on it was. it has a good enough premise and cast of characters to get you hooked and then it fucking dragged on for two seasons and went nowhere and nothing fucking happened plot wise and and and and it's now one of my most hated anime.

i unironically want the creators of this series to die in a brutal car jacking or something

But the promise girl didn't win


Anyone still watching this?
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More like shitster
No, also I wish they'd stop butchering japanese novels with garbage tier anime adaptations like this.

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what a tweest.png
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What's the best twist you've ever seen?
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"Kill the Japanese."
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kiriha pile.png
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ITT: characters without any redeemable quality.
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why does /a/ hate crab so much
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>Still no new berserk chapter
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So what does everyone think Rickert's piveting point in the story will be?

He's been hyped up ever since the eclipse to have a major role in the story.

Also, do you think the idea of evil is setting up Griffith as the idea of good?
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Let it die already. The shit hasn't been good in like 15 years. What could possibly turn it around?

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Chapter 10
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If I like Rei, does it mean that I'm a man-child?

>Anno understands the Japanese national attraction to characters like Rei as the product of a stunted imaginative landscape born of Japan’s defeat in the Second World War. “Japan lost the war to the Americans,” he explains, seeming interested in his own words for the first time during our interview. “Since that time, the education we received is not one that creates adults. Even for us, people in their 40s, and for the generation older than me, in their 50s and 60s, there’s no reasonable model of what an adult should be like.” The theory that Japan’s defeat stripped the country of its independence and led to the creation of a nation of permanent children, weaklings forced to live under the protection of the American Big Daddy, is widely shared by artists and intellectuals in Japan. It is also a staple of popular cartoons, many of which feature a well-meaning government that turns out to be a facade concealing sinister and more powerful forces.

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No it means you have good taste and that Anno is dumb when it comes to taste in women. And women in general, haha!
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No, it means you have taste. If you ever wonder who the manchild is, look no further than the man attacking millions of people because they didn't pick his favorite character.
>Anno wants to make Rei creepy and disturbing
>Japanese men have a ingrained, long-standing cultural preference for demure, young, virginal and submissive women
>Anno gives her all these traits as well as a pretty face and an overdeveloped body for someone her age
>Everyone goes ga-ga on account of Anno's social ignorance and personal weakness for tiddies

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TTGL, INFERNO COP, KLK, SPL and now LWA. TRIGGER has literally saved anime once again, truly the best studio at the moment and the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word anime next to Ghibli.
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Are you brain damaged ¿?
Inferno Cop and LWA are the only two good TRIGGER shows

what would you do in this situation?
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Hit the gym. Gotta get huge.
Give him some paizuri.

Become fully erect.

Why doesn't Japan like hot anime women?

This anime could have been better if Tatsumi pursued Esdese instead of going for generic mine.
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Esdeath a shit. Get better taste, OP.
Life ain't fair is why.
>old hag
>extremely sadistic
>shitty yandere
>did wrong
>morally fucked up and insane
>will dominate your asshole and walk all over you in a relationship
Bo, Tatsumi should not. He picked the right girl.

There's a part 4 of our favorite merciless calculating imouto.

And it's the final one.
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It's out? Thanks for the heads up. My dick will be pleased.
Now we just need to hope that chapter 3.5 will eventually get scanned. Why did they even put the chapter where the older sister becomes the cuck is a separate book?
There's a 3.5? Fucking hell.

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>Smug Asuna Online
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Why is no one picking this up? Yenpress takes fucking years translating a volume.
Does she have bigger boobs?

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>you get your waifu pregnant
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Welp, now I'll have to dependents to slap around.
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