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They were thinking that Kadokawa told them to make a movie and they needed to pad out the season
It'll be 8 episodes of it just skip to the last one.
They weren't

It was literally a massive fuck up and one of the biggest wastes of money and time I can recall in anime history. How you get approved for another season and think that it's a good idea to spend 75% of that time repeating the same episode over and over is beyond me.

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Rank those MCs by answering those 2 questions:
a. Do they deserve their harem.
b. Is their harem good compared to others.
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Is it good or bad that I can't tell you who a single one of those characters is?
Shidou and Tomoki are the best.
Most of them are from cancer shows that I don't blame you for not watching but if you don't recognize any of them then fuck off you don't belong here

Fact: Kobayashi is best girl
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I want a cute family.
I want to hear her moan.

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Holy fuck this fucking manga. I was starting to like it then suddenly out of fucking nowhere, they decided to kill of Kishimoto, Kato, and the girl the MC fucked. I decided to give it a chance and read more of it but then they hooked up MC with an ugly ass girl and there's this fucking fuckboy called Izumi who made himself look black and did a massacre because of "muh gantz".

Does this shit get better?
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Yes, insanly better.
Also, everything you said is so damn stupid.

You sir, are an idiot, and posibily a virgin.
Have a good day, you stupid cow.
Nigga, the massacre and the Chibi aliens was god tier? How did you not like it?

Keep at it until you finish the Osaka arc, the manga nosedives after that.
Idk, sorta. There's a part where a guy fucks a giant alien titty monster literally made up of naked women.

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post the anime you hate
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nerduto and anything in that genre over 60 episodes long

You're favorite anime

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Will Togashi ever finish this or will he die of laziness first?
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>succession arc
>still no update on dark continent

It will take a while
Togashi's going to die when Naoko finally breaks his back during one of their kinky Usagi-Mamoru roleplay lovemaking sessions.
he'll quit making it while never providing his fans with straight answers.

Would you let your onee-san dress you up as a cute girl, /a/?
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Only if she fucks me with her futa cock afterwards.
I would require him to.

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Where do you read manga?

>PC screen
>PC screen (vertical)
>smartphone (which one)
>ink screen tablet
>android tablet (which one)
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I don't.
I don't read manga
Haha, fag

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Season 3 when?

I mean the Evolution manga had 13 volumes so why not? The remake had 20 volumes and gave 2 seasons worth of anime.
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I'm still waiting. A-1 promised us, and A-1 money to waste.
Akane's supposedly working on something, so let's cross our fingers hoping it's this.
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It's been 8 years. Please don't get my hopes up

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So Higurashi was actually real all this time. What's next? Are they going to prove that witches exist?


>In a new paper, researchers in Israel have theoretically shown that microbes could influence their hosts to act altruistically. And this influence could be surprisingly effective, with simulations showing that microbes may promote the evolution of altruistic behavior in a population to an even greater extent than genetic factors do.

>The researchers in the new study have proposed that microbes may induce a person to help others because the close physical contact (for example, food-sharing, co-sheltering, and grooming) increases the transmission of the microbes from one person to another. So when someone does something nice for us, we are not just the recipient of a kind act, but also of their microbes.

>The results showed that, as long as horizontal transmission (between individuals) of microbes is allowed, altruism-inducing microbes can take over the population, leading to microbe-induced altruism. This result occurs even when only a very small percentage of the population initially carries these altruism-inducing microbes. The simulations also revealed that the evolution of altruism is successful because the microbes have a chance to either meet genetically related microbes in the recipient or infect and transform some of the recipient's microbes into relatives.

>In a variation of this model in which altruism can also be induced by host genes, the researchers found that genetically encoded altruism does not evolve, but microbe-induced altruism continues to evolve whether or not genetic factors are present. Further simulations showed that, although there are some cases in which altruism encoded in genes can persist, microbe-induced altruism persists more often. Overall, the results suggest that microbes may play a dominant and previously overlooked role in the evolution of altruistic behavior.
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I don't remember anything like that on Higurashi, but then it's been a long time.
If Higurashi is real then why can't I Hanyuu's horns?
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And just what do you want to do with her horns?

I'm not ashamed of this at all.
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Only OPM & Cowboy Bebop are good.

Mine is pretty old, might update it later.
>Shit la Shit
>Garbage Champloo
>F class LCL
>Black Lagoon minus Gillman
Those were all subpar at best

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Its pretty good

God bless the man who made the decision to have the Soundtrack include Eurobeat, the ending sucked though

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What is the Rei vs Asuka of female anime fans?
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Shinji vs Kaworu
Although there never are husbando debates among female anime fans because they always just ship the husbandos
i laughed a little too hard because this is so true

maybe makoharu vs rinharu?
Tai vs. Matt, probably?

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>flashback to childhood
>playstations 3
Shit. Whippersnappers don't even know.
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How does Doga Kobo do it? Their anime is always top quality.
How long will it take for them to buy out KyoAni?
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>sitting like that on a couch to play video games
No one wants to buy that shit studio.

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