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i don't think of it at all
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Anime is entertaining and cool, but the pacing and plot is a mess. The LN is far better and does just about everything decently enough.
Pretty fun and lewd kisses

Date A Live 16: Kurumi Refrain

Make the spirit that he couldn't win over in the past, fall in love!?

That spirit returned to Raizen Highschool----Tokisaki Kurumi.
“Between me and Shidou-san, whoever falls in love loses...how about that?”
Kurumi desires Shidou’s power and Shidou wishes to seal Kurumi’s power. Their second battle (date) begins.
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Translation that doesn't suck never?
That's the best I could make out of this:


来禅高校に復学した精霊――時崎狂三。「――わたくしと士道さん、相手にデレた方の負け……というのはいか がでして?」士道の力を欲する狂三と、狂三の力を封印したい士道。二人の二度目の戦争が始まる ――。

Sorry anon.
I meant the ln not your post

is there an essential version of this anime without all the fucking filler episodes?
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it's called the manga

>338.04 US Dollars
>for a backpack

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Spotted the poorfag.
This is why Elevens stopped having kids
My last backpack was 150€. It wasn't as cute though.

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Today is Suzukaze Aoba (Aocchi)'s birthday. What did you get her?

No, she doesn't want that.
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A cake
>No, she doesn't want that.
Wow, rude much?
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But she already has one of those.

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Literally 'Show That Nobody Important Cares About'.
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>MC is weak
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>MC isn't an idealized version of myself
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>MC isn't a proponent for LGBT rights
>mc isn't obsessed with cock
Not enough gay MCs desu

Say what you will about Lucky Star, you can't deny that as a period piece of 2006-08, it showed otaku culture perfectly.

Shame you spergs are too insecure to allow its proper discussion, and have to shitpost every time it's brought up
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>proper discussion
What, pray tell, do you think proper discussion entails?
Lucky Star isn't "otaku culture," it's niwaka pandering shit. For the kind of people who've seen thirty shows but talk to their middle school classmates about unique and smart they are for liking Death Note. Like all KyoAni works it apes the originality and vibrancy of what was once an interesting subculture to sell already finished, overpriced plastic to "nerds" who can't talk about anything deeper than how their "waifu" is. It deserves to be destroyed.

I <3 Kagamin~
I like Kyoani but the first episode is so boring.

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room service
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What was the point of making this thread? Did you go 'tee hee' and make it because you thought people thought it would be funny? Just crawl back into whatever hole you came from.
hi room service i want what this guy had with less salt plz and more dragon tail
Tee hee! You got me good, senpai!

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Chapter 96 and Noelle is a best girl.
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I'm really late but I just finished watching Haikyuu!!
Can we have a thread?
Who is your favorite character?
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Suga is the cutest desu.
I like Nishinoya but in the recent season, I got into liking Tsukishima as well. He's so fucking cool. I've always thought of him as an asshole until the latest season aired.
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I agree. He always felt the least fleshed out so I'm glad they focused on him in S3.

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Why do people hit Shiburin?
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Because that's what all women deserve.
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That really was a nice response, anon. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to dignify it. Why, you may ask? Well, I must inform you that in the span of our correspondence, I have ejaculated about five times to a rather enthralling hentai called ‘Emergence’. The hentai depicts the gradual process of a virgin becoming a cum dumpster really made me erect. Hell, I haven’t gotten that aroused since Anton Yelchin’s death. Anyways, this girl gets raped by her drunk father and has sex with all the boys at school. Now, these parts were perfectly fappable, but the real fun starts when she gets bullied and ostracised from her class. Her downward spiral of drugs and prostitution eventually leads to her becoming a mere shadow of human being. In her last dying moments as a pregnant prostitute, she dreams of a future with her (would be) daughter. Instead of getting to live that future, she dies alone in a cold room. I swear that last scene will always bring me to ecstasy. Now, if you really want to get my attention, you must commit yourself to reading such refined works as I do. Only then can I consider you my intellectual equal.

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Green Tea
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Green Tea

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>Remfags exist
>Remfags share the same skies
>Remfags are on this very board right now
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Why are you posting one then?
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>A Remfag
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Ram a best

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I wonder how badly I could ruin this series by changing my translations of the word for "draw" to the slang, H-meaning of the word.

>Musashi wants to cum so badly...!

Anyway, let's get going, even though we're not tough.
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Forgot to stick the title in the OP:
>Chapter 143: Draw!

>Heebeejeebees: Put the katana on the ground.
>Musashi: I never heard your name.
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>H: Why do you wanna know...
>H: What my name is?
>H: Gonna chop open your stomach?
>M: A strange thing you say.
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>M: The opponent whom I face is pointing a pistol at me.
>M: Cutting you seems appropriate, does it not?
>H: This Miyamoto Musashi is willing...
>H: To draw his sword against this Ootsuka.

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