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What would it feel like to be her love slave?
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You fight all of her battles for her, blindly agree with her like a mindless zombie, and you get no sex.

Being her love slave is basically just being a beta orbiter, only with a better sounding title.
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But are her love slaves at least permitted to lick her boots?
Probably really shit.

That kinda play aint no joke

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chaika fixd.jpg
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Is this the perfect Chaika?
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Red Chaika is the most perfect Chaika
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Proto Chaika.jpg
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This one is.

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Light Tuna?

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>Kimi no Na wa.(Your Name.) - HDrip 720p

so anyone else saw this movie and enjoyed it.
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Why the uniform, though?
Why is she so cute, bros?
Is this a decent rip? Bitrate looks pretty low.

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Renge is literally my wife
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That's literally illegal
I'm sure her parents wouldn't mind
I, her father, do not give my permission

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So, I've always been a huge fan Urusei Yatsura and one of the things I heard back in the day was that Lum was actually not intended to be the main love interest for Ataru. It was actually supposed to be Shinobu, his violent sorta-girlfriend from early on, but the reason that Lum ended up as the main love interest was purely due to the fact that the fans absolutely fucking loved her. I'm bringing this up because now that I'm actually looking for evidence to support this claim I can't find anything. My question is, does anyone know if there's any truth to this rumor at all?

Also while we're on the subject, has this scenario ever happened in any other anime/manga series? Like, where the author was clearly setting up a romance but due to fan reaction either changed things up or even cancelled it entirely?
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>rainbow hair

I prefer rainbow hair Lum, though green hair Lum is perfectly fine.

I mean rainbow hair would have been a motherfucking nightmare to animate, for one
Yeah, I kinda thought that there wouldn't be an easy answer... it's not exactly something easy to google

Has anyone hear read any theory on narrativity while also being an animu fan?

Even just Aristotle's Poetics and some of the basic narrative theory surrounding it, or more stuff like Ricoeur, Danto, etc.

I'm really interested in how Japan has adopted Western narrative modes, but retained aspects of distinctive Japanese storytelling. The problem is that I don't know enough about Japanese culture or anime/manga to do more than guess about what the relationships might be.

So I only have hunches, like how the traditional narrative arc, with definitive anagnorisis and related things like Chekhov's gun, seems to be "wonky" in the anime I've seen. But I can't tell whether that's because the Japanese only partially understand the "Western" narrative mode, and basically clutter it up with lots of clunky Chekhovian guns and non sequiturs, or whether it's a more organic fusion that is worth studying in its own right. Some anime I watch is just so bizarrely disjointed to me, even when it's enjoyable, and I just wonder whether that's an essential part of its form or whether minimally Westernised Japanese people are just less attuned to the kind of narrativity that is standard in the West.

Like, I sometimes wonder how Japanese authors who clearly write "Western" novels, like Mishima, would react to the narrative structure of anime.
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Also, would this be better asked on /jp/? I don't want to shit up either board with my autism.
OP, I feel guilty for not knowing more about your topic because that does sound interesting to discuss.
I think I get some of the basic gist of what you're saying but really I'm just dumb as shit sorry OP

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What is your opinion on this guy? I know he gets lots of criticism for being edgy etc but I felt he was one of the most interesting characters. When he got panel time usually there was some cool shit going and down and he had some of the best fights in the series.
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my favorite walking disaster
Honestly for all the shit kishi gets, Sasuke was downright hilarious at times.
The only good thing he did in his life was siring the perfect innocent cinnamon roll that is Sarada.

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Left or Right? anons
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I'll take both thanks
fucking shiptease

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"The Hype is dead" edition

Movie 4 drops tomorrow.
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I didn't get on the ride until 3 had been out for a while, how long has it generally been taking for subs?
They should drop this zombie borefest revival series and give the budget to Dragon Ball.
Who got Netorared again ??

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miyu integration.png
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Why is Miyu-sama so perfect? I just want to integrate with her.
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File: Miyu swimsuit.jpg (189KB, 850x1279px)Image search: [Google]
Miyu swimsuit.jpg
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I want to quench my thirst from that overflowing cup.
I'd rotate her around my x axis using the washer method if you catch my drift.
From what I see of the board, she isn't finding the correct integral. You should ask someone else.

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Would you marry a

fucking retard?
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of course, teach her that your dick is the only thing worth living for
Would you perform chocolate eating on her?

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How about a game of mahjong?

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>posting 7447 in /a/

You need to stop

7447 has been posted in /a/ for many years.
Don't be a cuck.

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Why aren't you loving Lain in this, the year of our goddess?
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That's a weird dildo she's fellating.
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It's actually pretty fun, you should give it a shot
I really have no excuse.

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1MB, 1440x2560px
Lucky Star dub > Lucky Star sub
There, I said it.
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i bet you also think the kare kano dub good you cuck
It was enjoyable, but the original is way better. Also its weird hearing Starfire's voice as Yutaka
File: 1478912499314-a.jpg (18KB, 300x277px)Image search: [Google]
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This better be bait

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