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Satania is actually the MC and the show is meant to showcase trauma associated with repeated bullying in high school. Her red hair lends credence to this theory.
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she wouldn't get bullied if she wasn't such a dork!
You keep making this thread over and over again. Cancer.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

I want to protect that frown.
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I want to protect those eyebrows
So you're gonna make her miserable

What the fuck anon you're disgusting

I'm gonna do everything possible to make her happy

I want to destroy that frown and turn it upside down
I want to put her glasses on my penis and smoke a cigar with my asshole

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What did she mean by this?
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That's just fucking slutty as hell.
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She's the sluttiest girl in the show
She's clearly a low-tier pervert.

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ITT: We pretend the things we wanted to happen, happened.

Why would they delete 70% of the reason I watch IBO. Why can't space guts be happy.
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They finally fucked.
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Onodera won.
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Shirley and Lelouch come back together as a pair

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All these many years later, this remains the worst anime I have ever seen. Aku no Hana, Hand Shakers, Copellion. Nothing has ever dethroned it.
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This wasn't good, but it wasn't worse than any of those, let alone the worst ever.
But Aku no Hana was good.

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You'd think they'd bother teaching the VA how to pronounce her only lines in english but no, they didn't.
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>You'd think they'd bother teaching the VA how to pronounce her only lines in english
Why would you think that?
Did you forget the target audience?
Integra is for deflowering.

Target audience. You are not the target audience.

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I was 3 years old when evangelion came out and since then, not a single anime has come close.
Why is that?
I was literally 3 years old.
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Obviously you've started fucking things up since then.

So cut it out.
>Tfw my life peaked at the age of 3
the first half of the show's run (the fluffier half) is the Japanese cultural equivalent of Thunderbirds and therefore cosy as fuck

the fucked-up second half and EoE lends more depth and adult relatability

it's basically a perfect combination of /comfy/ and mindfucking

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Post anime that you wished continued until the every end
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shit dude...why? this series became such garbage.
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You might be happy to know that the latest chapter of Tokiwa pulled a UQ Holder.
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The manga was better.
Pic very related.

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Are we sure it isn't /a/ that has shit taste and Japan actually have good taste? Why else would everything /a/ dislikes sell while everything they like don't?
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Because japs have shit taste
That is not the case though.
Plenty of stuff that I like sells.
Why are you assuming that 1) /a/'s taste is uniform and 2) Japan's taste is uniform and 3) /a/'s taste and Japan's taste are extremely different?

Isn't it just your taste that you are talking about?
Both have absolute garbage taste.

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How do you explain moe?
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When my mother asked me, I just showed her Keion.
That seemed to settle the question.
the Sistine Chapel of art

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What's stopping literally any anime character not of legal drinking age from walking up to these and buying beer with their allowance money?
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Japanese laws that forbid showing minors drinking in media.
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The law.
So don't show them explicitly drinking.

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What personality traits go well with the loli body archetype in anime and manga?
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Lets be real guys, anyone who dismisses the old school JJBA on the premise that it's old/cheesy is a pleb.
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Things old school JJBA did better

1.More fluid animation
2.Better action scenes
3.Better establishment of atmosphere
4.Darby Fight
5.Jotaro vs Forever
6.Jotaro vs Dio
Old Dio was amazing.

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Isekai being pumped out of the ass left and right, with scanlators focusing their efforts on the same old formula, but an Isekai with an actual different flavor is relegated to a group that releases stuff once in every new moon, there’s no justice in this world.

A whole group of students gets sent back to the Sengoku era and face the insanity that was war back then, with the students who had been living a world where human rights were a thing are now quickly adapting to the “kill or be killed” world.

Warlords of the era catch wind that the students come from the future Japan, the school records that came with them tell of how the Sengoku era will unfold, the warlords that lost now want to turn their fate around.
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Why don't you translate it yourself?
It apparently is one of Weekly Young Jump's big series along with Kingdom and Tokyo Ghoul, it goes under the scanlators radar for some reason.
art is terrible and plot feels really stupid
>ping pong crazy guy
>killing people left and right without a reason

it's shit

Would you eat her coffee?
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Why did the artist put Saya's face on this fat monster?
You don't usually eat coffee

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