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I want to marry miss lalatina!
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Wait a second...
Nice spear you've got there, darkness.
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>take a second look
>try to see what anon sees.
>see a shadow of a footlong third leg.

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Just picked up Youjo Senki. My question is why did they have to make it an isekai with "muh Japanese salaryman thrown into a new world" instead of just an alternate history like Strike Witches or something? It honestly would have worked out better that way if they had cut that out.

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Because Isekai is a trend. If it wasn't Isekai, it probably won't be as popular.
you're new is why
This is pretty much my sentiment.

Fuck off I've been here for years you casual.

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Gabriel Dropout is not a good show. It is only carried by the small moments that Satania is on screen.
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I disagree with your statement that she carries the show.
A single character can't carry an otherwise unfunny comedy.
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>efg is back
>getting trips
You can't fool me, Satania.

A deal's a deal, Anon! Now you have to date her!
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Yeah? And who's gonna make me?
Show me your tits, bitch!!
No, give me head!

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Can we all have a moment and embrace how great she is
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No leave her alone
Hibiki is gross.

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Kanna butt > Aqua butt

What is it with dragon-tards that everything has to be a contest? Can't you enjoy both asses?
As long as you aknowledge the superior butt, we don't have to argue.

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>there will never be a anime adaption of 17 steps
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Also, what is everyone's favorite part?

One-Poker is really good imo

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>it's a fever/sick episode
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>it's a misunderstanding episode
>it ain't me starts playing
>it's a tadaima episode
>mama just killed a man starts playing
hahaha nice

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What is the most Awful Anime you have ever seen?
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Either Turn A or Cassherns Sins

Leaning towards Turn A
To Love Ru

You've really offended Lalatina.

How do you make it up to her?
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Kiss her on her fat cheek.
Violate her in degrading ways
Ignore her and fuck my maid while she watches.

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The new theatrical Lupin III comes out in 3 days. Here is the latest interview with the cast and director as well as lots of new clips we haven't seen before.

as well as the official trailer and other footage.

I also have lots of screenshots that I'm excited to share with you.
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As you can see. Lupin gets all kinds of fucked up, but Lupin don't give no shits. Even with a chunk of wood lodged in his fucking arm. At least I believe that is wood.
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better shot of fucked up arm.
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Lupin and Jigen.

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pick another show that top this master piece.
protip: you can't
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What's happening there
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my fantasy
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What was the point of this ending?

I've heard there are some drama CD:s that somehow try to make sense of what Mayuri tried to achieve by going to the past, but what was Okabe's motive for chasing after them? Was Suzuha's and Mayuri's time machine supposed to be just floating somewhere "in time" without fuel, since they appearantly didn't remain in 2010?
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Also why did "japanese shaman girls" become a thing?
I believe it's either that Suzuha and Mayuri's time machine didn't make it properly back to the past and Okabe needs to find them to give them a working battery so they can actually complete Arclight, or after they complete Arclight they leave and since the computer has no power they can't control where and when they end up, so Okabe goes back to find them. The latter is the more likely option but I don't remember anything explicit.

It's funny and Leskinen is a funny guy.
Okay, that sounds reasonable. I won't go into questioning whether this plot string was necessary, because that would inevitably lead to whether 0 as a whole 0 is.

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The abilities of the setting are powered by the user's suffering, and the show follows an old Rwandan woman who constantly gets challenged by Japanese chuuni teenagers.
Random bloke starts new life as kindergarten teacher, but quickly discovered that one of the lolis is not like the others. After watching her bulling her classmates, he giver her detention, where to his horror he realises that she can mentally torture you freddy krueger style.
Meta humans(mostly monster girls)are entering our world in massave numbers only bring chaos and invasion ,styled after fantasy paladins/clerics or crusadiers
vigilante and paramilitary groups form to reprisal and purify due to lack of government response. our MC is a young man has joined his local group known as
The World Guard 404 ,as loyal, skilled, guardsmen

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Rolo did nothing wrong. He just wanted a Nii-san that would love him and let him live a normal life. Shirley had to die for the greater good of Japan.
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>Shirley had to die for the greater good of Japan.
No, she didn't. She died exclusively because Rolo was an obsessed yandere.
Shirley was shit, s she needed to die. Good job, Rolo.
>implying anyone liked Shirley

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