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Are you ready for the next episode?
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oh shieet
Are they going to include the pegging scene?
Lolis in Hentai are not good
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Who knows?

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New chapter

They are crazy as ever
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Someone please just kill the faggot and let his friend do the job, holy shit.

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What does "Who is bringing the kitchen sink?" mean and what does it have to do with bananas?

Was this some kind of crunchyroll translation error? She clearly said banana. What am I even paying for?
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>durr... this japanese metaphor is too hard to translate.
>I'll just improperly apply an English one. No one will ever notice.
Translation error, this episode had several of them. Someone posted a link in another thread that explained what the characters were really saying.

I know you can solve this one /a/.
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are you cereal
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I'm sure /a/ is smart enough to decipher this.

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People who think Sasuke is evil need to remember that he experienced his family's death 200,000 times when he was only eight years old. He could have easily turned out a lot worse.
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The light novels only cemented how much of a terrible brother Itachi is. He uses Tsukyomi on his girlfriend causing her to experience an entire long life with him, killing her from the mental shock, yet instead of giving Sasuke some Leaf propoganda to make him loyal he goes with the "watch me kill our family again becuz of muh hate"
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He still killed people and pledged to kill more before his butt buddy stepped in
didnt tobi kill itachi's gf?

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this is a japanese wolf. say some apple to it.
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I already ate it.
Thats also my waifu

Why does /a/ hate avant garde anime like Hand Shakers?
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>ugly CGI: the anime
The writing for this is really pretty silly. What kind of weird people are this Shounen's parents that they don't even question why he's always holding her hand and even goes into the bathroom with her, to wipe and bathe her? In this case I would actually prefer they >my parents work in Canada cop-out.
>Canada cop-out.
It is usually over seas in Europe or the USA. No one like canada

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Oyakodon for you today
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Lilim-chan so cute CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilith a shit.
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Why is she so fucking perfect, guys?
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I'm so used to seeing over the top edgy eye hacks that simple base sharingans look weird to me.
Anyone got the image of her with heart shaped tomoe while she goes doki doki for Dadruto?

wait, what? Was that in an official release or a doujin?

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What makes anime girls so attractive?
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They're not real thats why
It varies but overall the lack of any imperfections. Even the nose is almost entirely removed because it's ugly. The skin is spotless/silky smooth. The hair is glossy without any frizz. The eyes are large and shiny like gems. Even if the girls are lolis they have nice hips/round butts. There's just no flaws.

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Why do we hate her again?
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She's bland.
God I want to glop Asuna

What if Guts just cut off that piece of skin where the sign of sacrifice is?
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holy shit someone email miura
He'd get an infection in the pre-penicillin world and die, thus sacrificing himself.
It's a magic seal.
He peels it off, and it'll appear below the bit that he removed.
He can grind down his neck as much as he wants, he won't get rid of the seal.

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Why is there no thread?
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Because there's no new episode. Stop trying to make this a general. People will talk about the show in due time.
Better lesbian pairing of the season.
Bitches, sluts, whores, NTR: the anime

People watch this ironically.

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Let's have a 3x3 thread. Post, share, rate, but also DISCUSS.

>inb4 "why are you pretending to be me"
I literally just made this
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why are you pretending to be me

For that matter, why are these threads even still in existence when half of all of them are the same three or four guys spamming fake ones to shitpost?
Who the fuck actually liked la petite cossette
Make 3x3s great again.

I did. What exactly did you not like about it?

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Kogoro proves once again that he's best boy.
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How recently did this happen?
Conan the Barbarian vol.9 chapter 86.
How can one man be so based?

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