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Using anidb's calendar, how good was the anime season in which you were born? I was born May 24th 1997, so the Spring 1997 season.


>Pokemon begins
>Some Tenchi Muyo series idk
>Slayers Try

Not bad. Not bad at all.
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>I was born May 24th 1997
Wh-what is wrong?
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>born in 1997
Fucking undera-
>1997 was 20 years ago

Araragi knows what will happen with him after death. Thousands years of suffering. He saw it himself. What will he do about it?
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>thousands years of groping lolis

lol nice curse
I'm pretty sure that it's closer to the billions.
Anyways, his best options are to either to live a long time and earn as much karma as he can, or become a full vampire, get exorcised, and go to christian heaven.
> or become a full vampire, get exorcised, and go to christian heaven.
I don't think it's possible.

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sleepy loli.gif
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Posting chapter 2.
Please point out any typos or error (broken/bad ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later), feel free to point out typos in the source and not just OCR errors too.
Still posting 1 chapter a day?
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
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The main city of the fifth floor, Karluin, was built in the center of a huge swath of ruins covering the southern end of the floor. It was meant to resemble a settlement of newly arrived people reusing a fallen city of centuries past.

Compared to the crisscrossed canals of Rovia on the fourth floor, there was barely any water here, but thanks to perhaps some busy NPC cleaners, it also wasn't particularly dusty. The buildings, made of darkened stone blocks, were crumbling here and there, but the center of town was full of leather and canvas tents that bustled with chaotic liveliness.

“…It’s kind of hard to tell where the safe haven boundary is...” Asuna mumbled, after the words appeared abruptly in her view.

When the notice disappeared, she turned back to look at the path they'd taken to get there, which was surrounded by half-crumbled stone walls. But there were no arches or other visual cues that suggested the boundary of town. It would be important to remember the spot by sight so that they could escape into the safe haven if they ever got into trouble with monsters beyond its borders.

Beside her, Kirito nodded and said, "Yeah, that's the thing. In
2 years
the beta, people stacked wooden boxes and stuff to serve as the marker, but they're treated as abandoned objects, so they wear out and eventually disappear..."

“Ahh... Couldn’t you just stack something cheap and durable? Would anything fit the bill?”

“Sure. The crumbled blocks lying all over the place...”

She looked at where Kirito was pointing and saw a number of square stone blocks scattered around the path. But given that they were the same material as the walls, stacking them up wasn't likely to draw her or Kirito's attention.

"...Guess we'll just have to keep our eyes open."

She resumed walking, trying to imprint the view of the area into her brain.

As they approached the center of Karluin, the first sound to arrive was the piping of a flute in the style of some kind of European folk music, followed by the lively chatter of voices. Over a day had passed since they activated the teleport gate, and many players had come through it from the lower floors.

“Hmm... I don’t see the DKB or ALS,” Kirito muttered as he scanned the crowd from the entrance to the square. That surprised Asuna.

"You're usually the one trying to avoid them. Are you going to invite them to dinner or something?”

“You could say that.”

Now she was truly stunned. "Wh-what in the world has gotten into you?”

“Well,” he said, smirking with one cheek, then scratching his head with a finger, "I was hoping to catch one of the more reasonable guys, like Shivata or Hafner, and ask them about Morte again. He didn't take part in the third- or fourth-floor boss fights, so he probably left the guilds... but maybe I can learn something about his story and what he did while he was still a member.”

"Ahh..." she replied flatly, but deep down, she recognized that if the clumsy, antisocial swordsman was going to these lengths,

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Poor man's Bakemonogatari
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Still the best thing Kyoani has done this decade

Fucking shithead.

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>It's a Kariu/Ohga episode
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Kariu must be stopped
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I want more of bestgirl.
Hishiro is not for lewd
She's for headpatting and armholding

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Spoilers soon.
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Nice reaction image.
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Look at this cute image I found of Armin and Bertolt.

What the fuck is that?
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Just remembered that i made Kill me baby reaction image archive, sharing~


2646 images
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>1,2 GB
>What is image compression
now convert these to jpg

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Why is Saber always jobbing? Isn't she the best Servant?
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That's kinda the point.
Like, the ENTIRE point.
She's not even close to being the best.
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Saber Ohayou.png
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Because she's the very best.

That bird was nice
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Pretty sure that's an enemy spy.
Empty AO threads make my heart feel empty. Can't believe it died.

Why is this allowed?
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at least he's gonna be the final bad guy and die
McGillis is what /a/ wishes to be.

[xPearse] Magic Knight Rayearth Eps 01-49 [1080p]
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Finally got it all uploaded. Enjoy.

oh sugoi!
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Sakura high blush.jpg
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This series was very disturbing even though the stakes were so low. I constantly felt anxious and uncomfortable while watching it, partly because of the rotoscoping. I did feel a little unfulfilled at the end, though. Anyone else watch this?
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I couldn't bear how it looked, it gave me eye cancer. Had to stop.
t. Berserk '16 survivor
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Kimi no Na wa done right
8/10 would watch again

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Fuck off with your lewdshit
Fuck off with your "muh censorship" bullshit
Fuck off with your off-topic irrelevant shitposting.

Take it to another fucking board and let us have our fucking monster musume thread in peace.
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So, to start this off on a peaceful note: Miia and Tiio are tied as my favorite characters. Anyone else have two personal favorites?
Do us all a favor and gas yourself.

Welcome to nu-/a/

So like, her cat never talked again?
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Like it matters. And this image was off of google.
Is Miyazaki a lolicon?

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