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LOL fucken slut
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>she was a dick
Is she shaved?
This is honestly too much for me. Who is the target audience of Neko?

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Stupid sexy 13 year old
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Please, officer. She can't help it!
I love oppai lolis!

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This is Machi Amayadori.
She's living together with a brown bear.
Say something nice about her.
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confused machi.png
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second season when ?
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fucking never ;_;
It's the light novel curse. Go read the books.

Yes, I just watched it two days ago and it was amazing. You're all probably too pleb to appreciate the technical details of animation, but this show is a masterpiece because of the expressions; an extraordinary amount of budget went into Chi-chan alone for things that would be used just only once for a few seconds, this show was great.

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Say something nice about my waifu.

Any anon who posts must say something nice about the other anon's waifu posted above.
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She's a shit.
sex with her will blow your mind.
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Very few studios manage to put out good, entertaining content so consistently. How do they manage to do it? What's your favorite show of theirs?
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Their bunches of nerd animators are getting free fapping time.
Kobeni chan

Captain, my captain
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Just another randomly generated girl.
Don't talk shit about my girlfriend Moka-chan.
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The Hunt for Season 2

>First child named Yui
>Second child named Ui

Its clear that retardation runs deep in the family.
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next child named pooi
What will the third child be named?

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Lina a qt.jpg
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Yeah, I do.
Ignore her and go for Amelia.
Naga is 11/10 beyond perfect and better than Lina in every conceivable way. Anybody who tries to claim otherwise is wrong and should be ostracized.

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its a prequel so technically theres no crab yet
How so mo-fucker?!?
>my favourite girl got pumped&dumped


Every time.

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This defined my expectations and hit me in the feels.
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I mean defied
here come 200 posts 198 images
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>defined my expectations

By the way, it was shit.

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Why is Kumiko such a nosy bitch for? The entire show revolves around her sneaking around, spying on conversations she has no place listening to, and inserting herself into drama she has nothing to do with.
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Would you rather have this?
I always thought that too, then I felt like you kind of have to forgive that because there just wouldn't be any story if she didn't.
I would rather have her shot and thrown into a ditch.

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I haven't watched One Piece since the time skip happened all the way back in 2011.
When i was watching it i was the most depressed i had ever been and had nothing better to do then watch One Piece forever. I did get caught up before the time skip happened but then my life started turning around a i abandoned it.

My question is is One Piece worth getting back into? Since the time skip has the quality gone up, down or has more or less stayed the same? I don't want to watch another 500+ episodes if it's just same old same old.
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I haven't watched the anime but speaking as a manga reader I think it's worth checking out. The story remains formulaic (go to new island, local government is corrupted, better punch it in the face), with some rare plot exposition about the nature of the world. The art is still good, the humor is alright, the fights are a little worse because of Haki, the wacky character design is still 10/10, and it's generally alright.
Read the manga or fuck off
Why would you want to read something which will not end anytime soon? Personally for me I don't like series which go on forever with no conclusion in sight even though itself series is good. Just forget it and move on with your life.

I want to gangbang Asuka with some friends. Possibly strangers.
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I want to gangbang you with Asuka, anon.
>Possibly strangers.
not together with us, anons?
that's cold man
That pic got me into a futa phase. Fucking Asuka can pull off anything

Has there ever been an anime that talks about banks?
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The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is the most "bank related" story we had, unfortunately.
Why isn't there an anime about a barbershop quartet?
Think the typical setup as a school music or idol anime, but with dudes and more doo-wop and jazzy music.
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OK, /a/

We need to address an issue that's been here since forever and still hasn't been fixed.

Angel Cop.

Incredibly well-animated and super violent cyborg gorefest 6-part OVA by Ichiro Itano in 1989. Known in the west for its hilarious profanity-riddled dub.

Manga Entertainment changed the script completely for the dub (and their DVD sub too), removing the anti-American plot points and the Jewish conspiracy, as well as the (pretty true, to be honest) condemnations of the US invasions of Vietnam and Iraq. Take a look. the difference in script is astonishing and easily the most censored subtitles of any anime ever-


(Manga's subs are at the bottom. What they are actually saying is at the top)

We still do not have a proper, full fansub of what is actually being said.

When will someone fix this?

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