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This is my wife Aoba, say something nice to her!
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>This is X, say something about her!

Why arent these threads banned yet?
Literally worthless
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I want to pound that tight teen puss till it bleeds
Are the "Me on the X" threads banned yet?

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So, is being a 'Newtype' basically having Space Autism?
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That's one way of putting it.
Jewdo doesn't has autism, and he's a stronger newtype than Camille.
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Do people even care about this series anymore?
No official material in 6 years
Only spin-offs, and the spin-off just released the final volume
Merchandise is just shitty cash grab
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I do. I really like Haruhi as a character. I would definitely be excited for a new novel.
dont know if I feel bad for him for being excluded or happy that he didnt get ravaged by that slut
No, but I still get the urge to fap every time I see Haruhi's face. It's like she was born for sex.

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Explain this character to me.
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best waifu
hottest girl, even hotter if shipped with asuka..
Tits and glasses

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We're months away from Sagiri saving anime. Are you fucking ready, /a/?

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Wow, its fucking Oreimo!
>a1 designs strike again
Same designer?
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Looks great. My body is ready.

Hey guys, let's write an anime and then randomly jumble up the episodes so the story makes no sense as it is presented and our viewers have to read through pages and pages of wikipedia articles to figure out what the fuck is going on!

Yeah, it'll be great!
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Are you me?
Translation: I'm a fucking moron who can't understand a simple plot. I don't like Monogatari because Nisio respecting his audience's intelligence means that everything flies over my head. Because I'm such a fucking moron I'm attributing one show to all of Shaft's works even though they're just following what the original author wrote.
Hey guys let's singlehandedly save anime with our unique stories, amazing art, and seemingly endless budget while being berated by unintelligent fans who prefer the same rehashed garbage written and drawn by 45 year old men who never graduated high school! We'll subsist on leftovers we fish out of the trashcan if it means we can stuff our bellies and live for just one more day. It's okay that we're judged more harshly than any other animation studio and treated like dog shit because we believe in ourselves and our work. Even though we spend so much time on stories and illustrations it's okay for fans to call our work shit while they praise things like monogarbage and madoshit!

Yeah, it'll be great!

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Oboro continues to learn about the mysteries of love.

The 4 frontrunners discuss their feelings with one another
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That is when Sagiri received another crack in her ever diminishing sanity.
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What is love
>4 frontrunners

Yuuna, Chisaki, Hibari, and Sagiri?

"First thing from daddy"

Be honest /a/, did you jerk off to this scene?
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her thick tears flowing down her face was sort of erotic
stop that
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Thats why its called a tear jerker, you jerk off to those delicious tears.

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Is Kazuma becoming too Rance-like? He's basically 鬼畜王 at this point.
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Is there such a thing as too Rance-like?
>no Kazuma bf
When did you realize the futility of existence?
But anon, Rance is the goal that all men should strive to be more like.

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We must secure the existence of elves and a future for elvish children
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Unpopular opinion: I liked Ran->Sem a lot more than this hentai.



Elves are scum

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Chapter 11: One With Whom To Travel
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There goes the village then.
Does anyone know how popular this manga is in Japan? It doesn't seem to get much interest on American sites despite being by the same mangaka of Koe no katachi

What does /a/ think of Gantz?

personally i thought it was great until they started adding vampires and demons and shit. Immediately dropped it after that. it was so much better when it was just ordinary people who had to adapt to the situation they were put on the fly with cool and not super unrealistic powers. The monsters were also pretty cool when they were simple and not just hulking beasts. Does it get any better?
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Best girl
The vampires appeared before the Oni and Osaka missions so I hope you were stupid enough to drop it before that since they're the best ones with the Bouddha mission.
It does, OP. It's not the best manga ever made, or the best ending for that matter. But is satisfying enough, I guess.

The OP lied to me
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>Mayo taking deep huffs of Tamotsu's underwear

Damn she really is thirsty for the NEET Dick.
This series is shaping up to be one of the best parodies/homages of nerd culture that I have ever seen

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anime when?
why would you want more isekai anime
Would you like more fujoshit instead then?

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Is it true that there's a secret ending locked away in some museum in Japan?
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Is that like the anime equivalent of Walt Disney's head being cryogenically frozen?
Yes except it's actually false.
Yeah, Chihiro turns into Totoro and goes and strangles Satsuki and Mei's mom at the hospital

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