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So..... it's an anime version of Freaky Friday except its a girl and a guy. Its a generic body swap story, What's the big fucking deal
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The soundtrack.
It's about everybody's wet dream desu no wonder it surpassed Spirited Away

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What kind of physical characteristics work well with the loli body type in anime and manga?
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erect penises
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Horns and sakepee.
Fat thighs.

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Would you let your onee-san dress you up as a cute girl anon?
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No, but only because of the potential to escalate.
If I just "let" them it ruins some of the magic. There has to be some force involved. Lewd force.
Sure. It means she's about to have sex with me, right? That's what H-manga has taught me.

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>gulps down drink
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You should try it sometimes.
>There's nothing better than getting drunk in my room by myself!

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Why was Kuro wearing glasses in just that one episode?
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magical glasses that let her see penises through clothes, she has learned the magic of the glasses and no longer needs to wear them
Is that a dick drawing behind her.
She forgot to swallow last night and thus took a money-shot the the eyes.

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What went wrong?
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should have stopped after they beat pharos

Also, slow as fuck releases.
>tfw everyone thought it was over at lighthouse boy arc
>new chapters keep coming

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I left off a few months ago on this exact page because I was bored, I just couldn't keep going. Should I keep reading? I remember everything. But I just don't know if it's worth my time.
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You stopped just in time honestly, continue from here and you'll never be able see the series the same way again.
I'd say yes.

Things have been pretty slow paced though. Ishida seems to be builing up to something, and I thought that something would be dealed with in the current arc, but now that we're a few chapters in I still don't see were things are going.

The best way to enjoy the series is read it in chunks.
Why? Does something bad in particular happen? The story goes to shit? What is it, anon?

What does /a/ think of this?
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I want General to be my stalker.
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I think I want to wreck this lewd virgin slut's asshole in this exact position so damn hard you could drop a quarter into it by the time I'm done.
General-san is cute!

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What's the shittiest anime you've watched, and why is it the shittest?

Pic related, mine.

>plot that seems to think it's clever, but isn't
>boring characters
>shit soundtrack
>horrible aesthetics, all characters look like jack skellington
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It's already feburary. what happened to the remake?
You need to watch more anime kido, or stop trying soo hard
Thats a given because only newfags that dont know better liked chode gayass

Hestia is bestia
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>MC doesn't like hestia
why do we have a retarded MC?

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Is it this miko?
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Or is it this devil (angel)?
Damn, shouldn't have dropped it on ep 1.
Jesus Christ that episode gives me PTSD

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none, this season is way too happy in my opinion. wheres the suffering
Youjo Senki is probably gonna have plenty of suffering
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How do you feel about lewds of your waifu /a/?
I'm not talking about tasteful lewds but the degenerate ones.
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>I'm not talking about tasteful lewds but the degenerate ones.

Elaborate. Feel free to share pictures.
I dont even have a waifu...
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I didn't have a waifu until I saw the depths of depravity with my own eyes. My waifu might be eternally birthing tiny demons that keep her locked in a constant orgy, but she's mine, goddamnit.

Is this legit?
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Its vary nice.exe
Yes. Because x264 can draw new frames by itself to go from 24fps to 60fps.

Frame interpolation is a thing though

I just finish watch Highschool of the dead and I have many questions to do.
Why this overrated shit series is popular?
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>In the real life a high school non-reactionary that way by a zombie apocalypse
>What the hell is wrong with the evil teacher?
>Why that chief police had committed suicide?
>Why Shizuka is still alive? She was arritating so fucking much (Typical cliche of the stupid busty blonde)
>If Saya is a genious and a rich girl why she is still studing in a secondary public?
>Why Saya and Kouta are best couple than Rei/Takashi, Saeko/Takashi?
>Why the excesive fanservice and deux ex machina moments are so stupid?
>Why Rika Minami (Shizuka's friend) pose illegal weapons in Japan and yes I know she is the chief of first squadron in the prefecture police and an expert sniper in the Special Assault Team but ¿how? , it that can cost her position
>And how these two are friends?
>Alice before her eyes she saw how her father was killed by a lethal stabbed, How she is not traumatized by that?
>Why Saeko is popular she clearly is the most overrated shit girl in the series another cliche character who overrates the katana like the most powerfull weapon
>1 IP to that point.

It has a somewhat coherent story and Saeko is hot as fuck. (The other girls look nice too.)
Underages and Netflix.

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