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I'm about to watch this series, what am I for?
What did /a/ think of it?
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It's comfy

Go watch it
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Goblin genocide.

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>marathon the first half of the first episode of Code Geass
>get bored
Ugh, does this get any good?
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Hahahahahaha, nice shitpost. "Marathon the first half of the first episode," really funny and post-ironic.

Fuck off.
Yeah, it really picks up pace when Lelouch dies.
It ain't a marathon if you trip near the starting line.

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Well this show was awful

Why is it so well-liked?
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pleb filter working as intended :^)
>Why is it so well-liked?
It's what casuals think is intelligent and smart + KyoAni, so they refer to it as such.
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Because it's a contemporary masterpiece.

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What are your thoughts on the greatest anime of the year?
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Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni hasn't aired in my country, so no opinion yet.
fell off after the first 4 episodes or so

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>cuckolding is going to be the next isekai
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>A jap guy gets sent to an alternate world where most marriages are arranged.
>Wives don't actually love their husbands
>Sex is only done for procreation, otherwise the husband just patronizes a local whore or five.
>Jap guy fucks all of the unsatisfied married women and develops a harem consisting of widows and women who flat-out left their husbands for him
>Jap guy's name is Kaatan-Ai Jou
dumb mangaposter
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Even more unbelievable than Gate.

Can you pretend to be my boyfriend for a month, Anon?
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W-why me?
ITT: Things Shinka Will Never Say.
Also, what the hell is wrong with that guy in the background? Something looks really off with them.

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Lets have a thread to celebrate the release of Lupin the IIIrd: Blood Spray of Goemon which will be released in Japan on February 4th. It may even be out now since I don't know what time it is in Japan.

The story will feature Goemon as the main protagonist as he goes head to head with the main villain nicknamed "The Bermuda Spectre". The film is a sequel to both Jigen's Gravestone and the Fujiko Mine series. Koike returns to direct it and the story is written by Yuuya Takahashi.

Here is the interview with the director and cast. There are no subs so it's only good to watch for all the new clips that has not been shown prior.


as well as the official trailer and some footage of the movie.


also as a bonus, here's a link to get previews of the Goemon movie soundtrack.


I will be Posting new screenshots of the movie throughout the thread. Feel free to discuss anything related to Lupin. You aren't limited to just the new film. It is the 50th anniversary ff the Lupin III franchise after all, so think of this as more of a general Lupin III thread.
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Probably should of posted the superior updated version, but it's too late now.
Is all of Part 2 worth watching?
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I think so but then again I am bias. It's fun episodic adventures. You can also make the argument that most of the best episodes happen during in the second half so If you've started, you might as well finish.

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Thank God for Galko, literally every other girl in the show is utter trash
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Rude. Galgo is perfect but others are in no way that much inferior.
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post your waifu for all /a/ to see
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Did you ask for her consent first anon?
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This is my wife, Mitsuha.
Say something nice to her.
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Can you retroactively convince me to not watch this movie so I dont feel depressed 24/7 thanks
This is what it means to be alive, to love and to feel empathy. It's not a curse, it's a blessing.
so being alive makes me want to die


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Reminder that if your waifu is on this list, she is a slut
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Pretty fucking accurate list. I wonder if Slutneki will make it this year.
In all honesty, who the fuck have waifue'd any of these girls? Except for Shinka and Shinka swap palette of course.

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Reminder that you can't disagree with this rating:

Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury > Moon
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Mars>Neptune>Moon>Venus>Pluto>everyone else
Jupiter > Mercury > Moon > Venus and Mars
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Neck thyself.

I'm bored who wants to talk about [email protected]?
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Miki > powergap > rest > shit > non-765pro
The hell?

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I love oppai lolis.
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Wait till they get older.
you're not supposed to do that you know.
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I too love short girls with big bazonkas.

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This last episode felt really fucking slow. Still looks like they plan on ending the season with chapter 36 though.
Makes sense, I dropped the manga many years ago so I don't remember very well but wasn't most of the flashback original?
Yeah it was mostly original stuff added in here. I just want more of the band playing ffs.

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