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>Many people says that Apocrypha is shit.
>But truth is that many people actually know shit about Apocrypha, because nobody readed it.
>Just see how, once anime makes story better know, people actually starts like it.
>I remember, how Prisma was exact same case.
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>not using meme arrows the proper way
triggered desu senpai
Please tell me Gil isn't in this one.
No Gils in sight

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Say something nice about this anime.
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Looks good. Based Kantoku.
It has a cute main character.
First time I actually get the girl ;_;

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Lick it
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What for?
my tongue is dedicated to cleaning shinka's feet. sorry.
*unzips dick*
You first.

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Why is she so perfect?
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This stupid dyke got two girls killed, she's not perfect.
God decided their time was up
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>God having rule in AC
Get a load of this guy, Aiwass.

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Anime kino.jpg
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>anime is visual medium
>most of anime look like shit
Explain this
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you aren't watching enough good anime
This looks bad
i think you just don't have a good eye for this sort of thing

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>not a single one of these garbage shows this season has even shitted out a GOAT tier OP

Is a anime really ded?
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Rakugo and Maid Dragon have great OPs.
Rakugo's OP is fantastic
ACCA 13's Op is fucking awesome.


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Has a random reaction image or screencap posted in a thread ever spurred you to pick up an anime or manga series?

All the Sabagebu images I saw for years finally drove me to watch it. it was great
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I read Watamote after seeing reactions pics. And I watched K-On! because of pictures of Mugi's eyebrows
Kengan Ashua
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Legend of Koizumi
Yea I did, people spammed Umaru images for months which led me to believe it was worth watching

It wasnt

How does one get one;s head as reflective as Saika?
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Dumb KyoAnus poster.
Be animated by the best anime studio, KyoAni.
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He knows.

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the lick.png
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Would you give her the lick?
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Tree of Life.jpg
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delete this
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the little lick.png
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Not even a little lick?

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Get in here, bois.
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I have one for monsters and it is mostly /a/

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I'm watching Mushishi for the first time, and man, this picture really sums up well the whole show, doesn't it?

10/10 anime though.
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I have seen this exact thread before, I swear.
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This is my first time making a Mushishi thread. I swear.
The very first episode used to be one of my favorites until you realize it makes no sense whatsoever.

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$10 for a quick blowjob.
$100 for impregnation without commitment.
10 inches.

So this is like a worse version of Hyouka?
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It's certainly influental if you look at Shafts work.
Poor man's hyouka.
It's pretentious.

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>It's as good as old Gainax!
>It's better than everything Trigger and Khara have done!
I should have seen it coming.
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No one says that.
I heard people say that multiple times. It's the only reason I gave it a chance, since I just used to dismiss it as Zombie Gainax.
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I agree with the greentext. I love Houkago no Pleiades.

What the fuck was his problems? why was he acting so autistic? he started as almost normal and went more and more autistic during the show for no real reason
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>for no real reason
well I mean he started as shy
then I agree that shit hit the fan in the show, but it's not reason for him to suddently become catatonic, refusing to act and being existential about everything
Some people in real life do that because of real life things, none pf which are giant aliens trying to destroy the world.

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