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Posting chapter 3.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, I think.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
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Watching this thread. Proceed.

Nine silver coins worth a hundred col each.

Two small gold coins worth five hundred col each.

One large gold coin worth a thousand col.

Three gems of fairly good quality.

One necklace that seemed to harbor a magical effect.

One bracelet of a similar nature.

Two rings of a similar nature.

That was the list of items that Asuna and Kirito found at the temple at the edge of Karluin before their buff ran out. They wouldn't know about the gems and accessories until they had them appraised, but the total had to be well over five thousand col. It was a stunning haul for just an hours work.

Right after they did one last sweep of the empty temple to confirm there were no more glowing objects, the buff icon stopped blinking and vanished.


Asuna heaved a sigh and plopped down on a cracked bench next to Kirito. She looked down at the relics—the treasures—they’d collected, laid out neatly on a folded blanket, and sighed again.

“Yes, I can see the dangers of getting addicted to this.”

"Right? In the beta, there were people who gave up on leveling
altogether and just turned into expert relic collectors. We called them ‘hoarders,' out of respect.”

“…I don’t see what makes that term particularly respectful...”

She picked up a red jewel from the blanket and placed it in her palm. It was fun to crawl around the temple searching for glowing spots, but once the magic effect wore off, she was left with a feeling like guilt tugging at her heart.

In a way, to those players who chose to go into crafting or never left the Town of Beginnings, this was one of the few methods to make money in the safe zone. If the relics didn't come back, that made it even worse. They weren't wanting for food or lodging money, so getting a head start on scooping up all the relics before anyone else was nothing short of selfish greed.

She put the jewel back on the blanket. When Kirito spoke next, there was none of his usual ironic snark to it.

“…You’re very kind.”

He meant it in recognition of her regret, but that message didn't reach her brain at first. Only after three seconds did she squawk in surprise.

“H-huh?! Wha—? I’m not — What do you...?”

Kirito smiled a bit shyly and explained, "You don't need to feel guilty, Asuna. Compared to all the relics in this town, what we picked up is just a tiny pittance."

He awkwardly reached out and very lightly patted the breastplate connector on Asuna's right shoulder blade.

Before, she might have socked him a counterpunch and demanded he not touch her like that. But this time, Asuna could only hold her breath as she tried to contain the sudden upswell of emotion within her.

She felt guilty for having fun collecting the relics without considering the implications. But she also wanted to argue her case, that she, too, was scared when she went out to fight monsters. The combination of these two emotions blew up within her, turning the feelings she'd been trying to suppress into a powerful urge.

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>ITT: we pretend 4Kids still exists and made all sorts of stupid censor extravaganzas like with One Piece
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I can't believe whitebeard retired off screen.
FoxBox/4Kids was my shit as a kid so I have a hard time hating them
>4kids gave up Pokemon to TPCi
>Turned out to be doing the same music-changing and censoring 4kids did with the anime, but with a much worse cast.
Well, shit.

what the fuck?
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Check the nameplate next to the door
just NTR, m8, nothing to write home about
She was teasing the audience by making you think they didn't get together. Her ruses are so strong that not even the fourth wall can protect you.

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You heard it. Due to popular demand, this frustrating romance will be on show.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 10pm UTC, 2pm PST, 5pm EST (about 15 minutes from now).

I make no profit from this, it's all just for fun.
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Sweet, is this the same one that did Urusei Yatsura?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! thread. Come join us as we touch circles, call each others waifu and favorite anime shit, or just make new friends.

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.

We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.
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my face when playing
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Blushing is the best facial expression in all of anime and manga.
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Yes, but I think hihg smug is a top contenter.
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>You better give up.
What's happening here?

Also is this the biscuit hammer guy?

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- Favourite part of thousand years of blood arc
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There's plenty of life left in this thread.
Okay, I was wrong.
Why does every black characters have a weird transformation ?
Lille turn into a horse chicken
Yoruichi turn into a whore cosplaying a cat
Tosen turn into a fly
Zommari turn into an eyed pumpkin
And I probably forgot some.

I want to make babies with this degenerate!
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How do Japs not kill themselves immediately after drawing those disgusting cow tits?
Is that how boobs work?
I wish I could die already

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Which is the most attractive part of the Union Jack?
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The lass inside of it.
The Ireland part besides Ireland being independent since 1922.
Karen is the sexiest!

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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What is this.gif
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
Am i getting slower?

>trains all day
>ultimate ki attacks
>four fucking arms
>not distracted by women
>gay relationship with clown that reinforces his mental powers
>best db waifu noticed his alpha nature and chased him around.
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Third eye open
he kicked semi perfect cell's ass 10 years ago
he's no doubt at least close to super saiyan 2 levels of power by now.
Easy, because he fell way behind krillin during the namek saga and never caught up. He stopped training after the cell saga and became a useless sack of shit who fucks his mime boyfriend all day when he's not harvesting turnips.

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Would you?
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I would ask her where Erina is, yes.
I'd tenderize her meat, yes.
I would eat her beef curtains

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>80's music, even in the 90's
That's a big part of it.
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You're cherry picking, and your cherry picking was barely decent


Wtf! Ranma 1/2 blu-ray!
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Just post Ranma.
No shit
>dual audio

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Is it really chuunibyou if you actually have powers?
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It's chuuni when you're saying unnecessary stuffs just to sounds and looks cool.
It is when you blow your capabilities way out of proportion.

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