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What do you think about this anime girl?
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Best girl.
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Take that back.

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>**2位/**2位 (**3,785 pt) [*,**0予約] 17/05/17 映画『聲の形』Blu-ray 初回限定版
When were you when KyoAni won both in Amazon and in Animate?
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Masturbating to GodAni sakuga.
Over 5500 points in two days. Over 100 days till it gets released. What are the predictions?

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What went wrong
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I read like 15 volumes, then the TLs stopped, then the anime was one of the most butchered adaptations I've ever seen, and finally I forgot about it.
Did it shit the bed in the end? It felt like it was starting to drag on too much by the time I stopped.
It lost sight of everything that made it interesting in the beginning and substitued it with forced drama and derivative shit
Also delays
How many fucking volumes did they take to give him the zetman powers in full? Fuck this

Finally we have a glimpse of Iku-san.
Preview link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfQNsxI3qUw
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The name's Bond. Kazamatsuri Bond.
pls respond
I love Akane

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You said it would all be daijoubu, /a/
But what if it's not?
What if it won't all be daijoubu?
What then, /a/?
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Well, I guess it'd be Osoroshi then.
it WILL be daijobu dammit

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I thought this was about making games.
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You are looking for Stella no Mahou, the same thing but better in every single aspect.
You thought wrong.
They did make one.
Although Nene fucked it all up.

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Is this the superior version of Yuru Yuri ?
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Stop shitposting.
I only watch quality shows like UFO table stuff.
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ITT we write a letter to Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, one word at a time

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It's time.
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There was thread 2 days ago.
We just had a thread, check the archive before making a new one.

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Why do only fatefags spam "Read the VN"?

Why don't other fanbases encourage reading the source material as much as fatefags do?
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Because they know their source material is actually shit and the anime actually made it better, unlike Fate, which ACTUALLY has a good source material and the anime made it look bad.
> he hasn't seen any seacats threads.
Almost all fanbases say this even when they shouldn't. Yes, LNfags, this is directed at you.

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First chapter is out in the usual place
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Just post the lewd images from within.
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Aine got completely rekt:

Terrible impact attacked her whole body. Dreadful pain caused her consciousness to be getting farther. Her body was paralyzed by impact that could break the bone in her whole body.

Something struck her? However, she didn’t remember,

――She saw a broken scenery.

She felt like she saw the scene of her Life Saver turning into pieces.

And then Odin’s spear(Gungnir) that came flying.


Aine’s body instantly traversed through ten kilo of arena and crashed on the wall. And then the strongest weapon Gungnir was stabbing on her chest.

Aine was pierced by spear and got crucified on the arena wall.

「Come on look, you turn out like this. You are still not in a level that can fight me.」

Odin too had arrived in front of Aine unnoticed.


And then Odin grasped her favorite spear that was stabbed in Aine’s chest. Fresh blood gushed out from the wound.


Aine was gritting her teeth.

「Even at maximum your divinity number is around 200000 right? I’m more than a million you know?」

Aine’s eyes opened wide in shock and despair.

Odin pulled out Gungnir from Aine’s body.


Aine spouted out blood and fell on the ground. Bright red blood was flowing out from her collapsed chest and the ground was dyed red.

Odin’s hand was grasping Laevateinn that Aine discarded.

「This is nothing great, but I’ll take it anyway.」

The sword of sun melted inside Odin’s hand and vanished. And then she turned her back on Aine with Gungnir on her shoulder.

「You look like you can still become stronger, so I won’t deal the finishing blow. If by any chance you survive, be more diligent.」

Aine’s sight was sinking into darkness.

――What are you saying after opening a hole in my chest. I’m going to die, normally.

She was unable to say even that, unable to even move her lips.

――I am, dying? Here?
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And Himekawa confess her love:

Kizuna put a distance of one person between him and Himekawa, and he sat down on the bed beside her.

「It’s nothing.」

She irritably looked upward with cheeks that were dyed red.

「So, about the talk……what is it?」


Himekawa hesitated to say.

「Actually, there is something I want to discuss a bit.」

Kizuna gulped for a moment.

「Wha, what is it, why that formal? You don’t need…….to be reserved or anything right?」

He was saying that while being unable to suppress his heartbeat that was getting louder.

「I’m not, really being reserved though……」

Himekawa fidgetingly entangled her fingers with each other and then she stole a glance at Kizuna.

Himekawa took a deep breath, and breathed out.

She turned toward Kizuna as though she was determined about something.

「Then, I’ll say it. Actually――」

Her straightforward eyes were reflected on Kizuna’s eyes.

「I, love you.」

Which Vampire Ninja is your personal favorite?
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What an awful designs.
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What an awful opinion.
>bitches and whores

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100% Tats can't beat Saitama
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It can't be helped. Girls can't win against the dick.
What is that, a tornado for ants?
She can just pull out air from him and he's dead.

I hate this faggot
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Stop posting on 4chan Guts.
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Still asspained after all these years eh, Guts?
griffith did nothing wrong

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