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This show fucking ROCKS, and the manga is also super good. Why does nobody talk about this series as much as other old stuff, like Urusei Yatsura?
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I want to cum inside Mink.
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Is Fairy Tail the only mainstream battle shounen that never had a single story arc that was actually decent? I mean, even Naruto and Bleach had at least one or two arcs that were actually great even If the rest of the series was utter shit, hell even KHR wasnt half-bad during the mukuro arc and the varia arc.
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Yes. Shit like fairy tail makes me understand anime was a mistake after all
The fairy tail festival (with Laxus) was fine, can't think of a single bullshit in it if anything, it was surprisingly well done.
I dropped FT at the end of Tower of Whatever (Erza' past) arc, since I heard this shit was supposed to be one of the best arcs.
That said I still think that Garuna Island was pretty decent arc. Gray was both awesome and funny, Erza was cute, the rest of them were at least tolerable. The twists with the demon being dead and the dead being demons were both pretty surprisng and actually fitting and clever ways of resolving the main issues.
Obviously, it doen't compare to, say, Soul Society, Land of Waves, Saiyan Invasion or Alabasta, but it was decent nonetheless.

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why am I in love with a fictional character?
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because you're gay
just to suffer
Because you have good taste in girls, anon.

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Gather around, friends. It's finally time for the last chapter of Shin Seitokai no Ichizon, as well as a bonus from me: the first part of the last chapter of the original LNs.

In addition to the chapter I'm dumping now (which you should read first), I've also put up a chunk of the LN chapter here: http://haraguroscans.blogspot.ca/2017/02/seitokai-no-ichizon-congregating.html

Let's go, boys. It's time for the harem end.
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What kind of God would allow this?
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Based mogudan God.
A libtard god
I believe Fraus is the goddess of NTR.

Is there a worse archetype than genki? I despise genki characters so much, they are even worse than the classic tsunderes.

Pic related for example is an annoying little shit that pretty much ruined the whole show for me.
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Your taste is fucking awful.
dem titties tho
>Is there a worse archetype than genki?

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Why do people hate this again?
It isn't afraid to show more mature scenes, the mc isn't a goody 2 shoes and actually gets things done.

dumping ch 28 too
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What was her endgame?
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Getting my dick hard.
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I am not giving up yet.

Please mods don't be a cunt this time.
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>Iyo-centric OVA

Who's the cumdump on the right?
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So they're having a character poll, who are you voting for?

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onii-chan don't forget to buy my geimu ok?
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Only if I get a kissu
bake the nugget

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Now that the dust has settled, how do we fix EVA Rebuild?
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Have her kiss Mari.
I asked how we fix it, not make it worse.
By giving her stockings, red underwear and a necklace.
I know Asuka isn't supposed to be a very fashionable character, but still.

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Gabriel on the front page!
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Gabu is a good girl. A good girl!
Will we get uncensored BDs?

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How do you fuck the unfuckable like anime girls?
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Lucid dreaming. I'm too afraid to try it out because of those demonic like people that will stare you down, if you're trapped.
>he fells for the lucid dreaming meme
Yeah buddy, alright. I bet you think tulpas exist too.

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