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What is this anime?
Homosexuality is only good for porn.
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Strawpoll your backlog. /a/ decides what you watch next.

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breddy gud stuff in that backlog OP
I know. The problem is I can't decide where to start.
Do yourself a favor and skip Lain, Patlabor, and The Utena; voted for Angel's Egg.


>We are currently getting ready to release an anime version of Steins;Gate 0, which takes place on an alternate worldline where Makise Kurisu isn't saved.
>In preparation for the release, we are showing the original series (plus alpha [the ova, probably]) today (at 7) and tomorrow. If you don't watch it, you'll be turned into jelly!



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So when is 0 airing?
>Maho will slowly replace Kurisu as the new best girl

Emma was abused, I repeat, there's Emma abuse!!
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>tfw you were a Mamafag from the start
Feels good to be on the winning side
Mama is going all out.
Ray though...

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If an official Touhou anime was made using the manga Forbidden Scrollery as its material, would you watch it?
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Noire thread?
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The Master has chosen you to help write 3.0+1.0. What ideas will you contribute to the movie? Will you introduce any new (or old) characters, themes or locations? How are you going to handle the ending?
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Introduce Anno as a character. Kill him off in the most gruesome and painful way imaginable for 30+ minutes straight. Even ISIS would be terrified and puke their guts out.
His death would serve as a deus ex machina catharsis for everyone who ever died and suffered in NGE. Basically everything would be born anew and everyone lives happily ever after without faggy angeles, adams, liliths and what else that rotten shitbrain of Anno came up with. EVAS would not exist.
The last scene is Shinji storming out of the house with a toast in his mouth, heading for school.
The End.
Make Rei Great Again
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>How are you going to handle the ending?
Shinji tracks Werewolf Asuka through the wilderness to give her peace, he chokes her out and it's left ambiguous whether he goes through with the ritual dismemberment or waits for her to wake up and tear him apart.

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So what's the difference between Ain and Lain? Is Ain an alternate reality version of Lain? Is she her predecessor?

Also Despera when?
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>Despera when?
Never anon, it's dead
At Overload 2014, ABe announced that a new director was found to continue working on Despera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ajHzTITR4c
that's still nearly three years of silence on the project.
I still really want it to happen, i'm just a little doubtful

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What, no thread? The episode's going to air on the regular stations in a few hours (it should have already aired on pay TV by now)
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Is it me or did everyone drop this show?

We just don't talk about it until the episode airs. We also talk when the manga chapters are released.
This show is filled with all the dumb romcom cliches that make me want to die. Anyone else feel that way?

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Do you prefer smart or dumb girls?
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Smart, if they actually feel smart and aren't the "lmao I am such a moeblob and didn't study yet still got 100/100" type
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I prefer chuunis, at any given opportunity.

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Shonen then

>good guy kills bad guys
>crying is a healthy way of displaying emotion and is manly

Shonen now

>good guy beats up the bad guys. Bad guys may decide not to be bad anymore and are forgiven
>crying is a sight of weaknesses and its truly pitiful when it happens. Only women are allowed to cry

What gives /a/?
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I am not sure I agree with that.
Different eras and shit
People are fake and gay

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2 more days. Who's hyped?
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I can't wait to see my beautiful wife Saki again!
It's just the 2 episodes left, right?
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Yes. Japan is getting a marathon of the first 10 with the final 2 following.

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Ask >>>/sci/.
I can't explain only demonstrate
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I'm not exactly sure how it's performed though.

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Dump the whole thing
Fuck the mods
wait is this the same guy that done ladies vs butlers
what does megumin taste like...

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Was it rape?
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Tits don't work like that.
Honda had a bigger bike.

I just googled tits lying down.

They can work like that.

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Yes to both.
yes to all but sluts can love anybody
>sluts can't love anybody


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