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I liked this.
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Claymore was good
4chan is an 18+ site
The swift girl was the best.

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>Asked friend for some light hearted romcom
>Recommended me this
>Decided to watch it
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You should play it, not watch it.
Isaac is that you?

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I never thought I’d say this about any anime/manga/LN ever, but Death March desperately needs at least one tsundere to get angry with and punch the hero. The female knight Satou saves falls for him immediately, and the three slaves he adopts are all fairly meek and do anything he says. There needs to be at least SOME opposition to the hero if only to make things interesting.
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>wanting tsunderes where there aren't any
Fuck no the comfy is the point.
Is that pizza with elf bride out yet?
I need more reincarnated into animal series, all with level up systems of course.

>japanese wasp

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This is the Prince of all Saiyans. All four of them!

Say something nice about him!
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Unironically he is a better person than Goku
He has pointy shoes and is my favorite DBZ character.

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ITT: Male characters who took the dick
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Why is this man so goddamn cool
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just because
Best boy imo
does anyone know what track this is?


>no cats allowed: the episode
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>make 1 minute show about cats
>no cats
My penis remains flaccid this week.
>no cats
Get these sluts out of my sight.

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What does /a/ think of motherly women? The kind that dotes on you, loves you, and takes care of you and your needs? The kind you will never have the pleasure of being the object of their affection ;_;
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cute alien mom.png
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MILFs get a free pass, as long as they're cute and loving. The happily married ones are for their husband's use only, the single ones are free game.
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They're great.

Can she save Seiren?
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She already did.
At least she'll make the wait for Kyouko's arc more bearable.
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What's her appeal, anyway?

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Who is the most alpha as fuck MC? Check this assertion of senpai status MC rocking that nip erection.
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Definitely not him.
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I really liked Rakudai's lead.

he was basically a typical shounen lead who wasn't restricted by harem romcom bs.

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Kumiko is shit tier.
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Top tier and you know it.

I want to see Sofia-chan's thicc thighs.
Where are Chtanda and Haruhi?

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WTF is this shit? How the hell did this series turn into sci-fi.
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they needed a way to explain where chakra come from
Naruto is a story about many Japanese legends. In Japanese legends there was a moon bitch named Kaguya who came down to Earth in a bamboo sprout, had many suitors, before eventually returning home to the moon.
>Naruto is a story about many Japanese legends.
There's no yokai in Naruto though.

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3 weeks until Overlord hits the big screens and becomes a cinema franchise.
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Ainz hug.webm
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What will it be about again?
Will we get new scenes in the movie that wasn't adapted from the LN?
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I want to hug her

What was her mental deficiency?
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Pink hair and no vespa.
I once dreamt that I saw her at age 5 and hugged her, then I realized that I was self aware of dreaming, so I made her turn 18 and fucked her. Then, I decided to travel in the universe on a LSD background

it's always autism

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Name 1 (ONE) way Guts can defeat Griffith and his cronies. Seriously, he bled so much just to defeat one of them and his so called special armor only fucks him up beyond recognition. I just want him to enter a healing capsule and sleep for a year. He's more bruises than a man at this point.
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Stabbing them.

When he fought the dragon apostle, he was unconscious inside the suit which was on autopilot and still did more damage than anyone ever had.
>Desperate attention whoring
Were your parents THAT uninterested in you ?
Magic support.
I think that's why the author surrounded him by magic users and put him in contact with magic forces: supernatural power is the only way to fight supernatural power.

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