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How will police Zeke defend his brother from this bad people?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Very soon.

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Never heard it talked about, have anybody actually read the Manga or watched the Anime?
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only all north european millennials
only one episode and I don't even remember what it was about.

is this worth digging through the internet for?
This dogly dog story is pretty good.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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This show is so confusing. I don't know who is rusing whom anymore?!?!

>they all work for the Common Wealth, but they actually don't

>the princess and ange are friends, but they actually can change roles

>the asian girl actually doesn't work with them

>ange is a liar

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>they all work for the Common Wealth, but they actually don't
They are double agents, they pretend they're working for the Kingdom, but they're actually on the Commonweath side.

>the princess and ange are friends, but they actually can change roles
It is implied they are twin sisters hence why they can pretend to be each other. One of them because princess while the other had to run away to the other side of the wall due to a crime which hasn't been revealed yet.

>the asian girl actually doesn't work with them
She does, after killing her own father (who works for the Kingdom) to prove her loyalty to the Commonwealth.

>ange is a liar
You're thinking of the princess, remember they switched roles.
You're just rusing yourself.
>I don't know who is rusing whom anymore?!?!
That's kind of the idea. The characters are just waaaaaaaay better than you are at sifting through all the rusin'.

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Who's you favorite Loli?

Honestly, it's just something about them they're mostly soft spoken, quiet and aren't attention seekers. Plus they're short(I love short girls) and never age. And they have the best fashion style.

My favorites are: Koneko, Lapis Lazuli, Mina Tepes, Nona(death parade),and Tornado
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Sorry, I fucked up I meant to say "your".
Lurk more.
I wanted a loli thread but not by such a shitty OP, please lurk before posting, half of them aren't even loli and you fucking used tornado to say Tatsumaki.

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I'm sad, bros. Why did he have to die so young?
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>when your mom tries to kill your husband

He failed to kill Luffy then lied to to a linlin

He deserved it
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You have 2 choices.
>Go to airport to save Mari and watch her call you trash as she blushes.
>Go confess to Chiyo knowing she will be angry when she hears about you not stopping Mari.
Choose wisely.
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The second option is shit by default, so I'll go with the first one.
I tell the mangaka to end the series instead.

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>Fate/illya gets more fate-like
>shirou main character
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Does it have a Saber clone already?
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maybe we'll see saber herself
You last thread got deleted so you made one again?

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Is it okay to dick your stick in crazy?
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New season when? Where MC saves her and they become happy couple
I still can't believe that she won.
And you don't stick it, you gently RAM IT IN WITH DUAL BURANKI
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Do you really want to put your dick into something like this? Imagine affection this unhealthy but now with sex, you're literally fucked for life.

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Don't mind us. Just best girls coming through.
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Would you show them the true "power" of love?
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first for best girl
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>The new Rohan one-shot in circulation
>Next Part 8 chapter in just a week

This is a good month. Can't wait to see more of Tank-kun.
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How did they fuck up rebuild so bad? Will they somehow redeem this pile of shit in the fourth movie?

Honestly, I'm bewildered by how terrible it was compared to the show.
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We could just pretend 3.33 doesn't exist.
That doesn't change the fact that the other two exist and were nearly as bad. I'm just waiting for the "it was all a dream" reveal of 4.44 at this point.
what evangelion did back then was innovative for anime, what it is doing now is generic. it is being milked for money, and you cant experiment and do something interesting and milk at the same time. Reminds me alot of that fake movie in tropic thunder.
>Watch Shinji get in the robot, this time with 4 arms again..... again....
And even though I liked the show, its legacy is a catastrophic clusterfuck. It elevated Anno to some pseudo god status in eastern animation that was completely undeserved. its like someone threw one dart and it hit the bullseye and everyone calls him the master.

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Precure Dead
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cute krr
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This was drawn by her va right. I love krr so much.

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This girl comes up and calls you her Daddy. What do?
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wonder why my child might be a dirty knife ear and reevaluate my life
Don't bully my daughter please
Tell her I'm into incest.

Why did they change this scene so much in the kizu movies? This is exactly how they described it in the LN, this is exactly how I imagined it while reading the LN, and this is exactly how the rest of the series portrays the meeting between araragi and kisshot.

Why the fuck did kizu make it so dramatic?
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The decision to take out all internal monologuing was probably made early on in Kizu production. Therefore, visuals have to come take the place that monologues had in telling the story. That's why the visuals have to be stronger.
It is not what the description in the LN suggests. The town is a small, quiet one, not built up, so it's just a road with some street lamps and without a sidewalk, as Araragi thinks about the possibility of being hit by a car.
And he mentions looking up at the sky, so there's no ceiling, like in that tunnel thing.

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