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MurciƩlago the anime or Franken Fran the anime?
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Nothing impresses her, nothing at all.
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What to do if she's near me?
Enjoy the moment
Go outside once in a while OP.


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Educational animes
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What's educational about it? It's just her going around getting into silly adventures.
Learning a lot about Greek Mythology desu
Yeah I guess so. I have the raws so my comprehension isn't amazing.
From what I've seen this show is pretty obscure except for Mexicans or South Americans.

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Ahh!! Sankyeuh
Why is that star floating there?
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Why did you post a pic with floating star in it?

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I just finished watching Gungrave after having it on my backlog for a while. It was really good and I'm glad I didn't watch the first ep. I wouldn't have thought that mixing in sci-fi later in the series would work so well and not hinder the story. During the last episodes, I just wanted Brandon to be happy and they had me crying like a bitch. Overall, series is 9/10 and if there's a blu ray I'll buy it.
The characters who didn't deserve what happened to them were Maria,Sherry,
and those two guys Brandon first worked with
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So, when is the best moment to watch the first episode? After all of them? Inbetween some specific ones? Please do tell.
I read that after episode 17 but ep 1 and ep 18 are almost identical. So I chose just to not watch ep 1.
Also gungrave's OP and ED are now some of my favorites.
Alright, so I'll watch it after 17 then, my OCD won't let me skip it.

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Why would you do something like this? You wouldn't want people to MISUNDERSTAND what the show is about, would you?
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Will there ever be an anime arc as good as Yorknew city arc ?
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2011 yorkshin was garbage
Yeah it's called the Chimera Ant arc. YN is overrated.
delete this

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Is it possible for boys to fall in love with friends of the same gender?
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Boys > shit tier women. The true red pill is being a faggot.
He's a lolicon
Fujoshi and fags need to either stay in their containment thread or fuck off to /y/.

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>reading oregairu
>get to Volume 6.5 , decent translation to some degree but it had it's problems
>volume 6.5's translation literally making me want to punch things

Is there a good translation of this novel? It's been some time since i dropped it because the translation was bad but now I want to get back into it
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>fuck sjw scum go shill your translator in reddit
Are you retarded by any chance, anon?
Shit girl on the cover, shit translation. Makes perfect sense.
How is a big titty girl who cares for her family to the point of working long hours for them, a shit? Are you an Irohashitter?

Leave /m/ to me.
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Was it rape?
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Selesia is so lucky to get a hug as well.

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Anime and manga that jumped the shark.
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what is she doing?
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Not being best Saber. Who is also best Rider
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Vlad is best boy confirmed

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Is the Dark Tournament the best tournament arc in the history of anime?
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The 2nd tournament arc in Dragonball is better.
It can be hard to pull off tournament arcs, but these are both good examples of how to do them. Introducing characters, creating goals to achieve with obstacles to overcome, and fleshing out the existing cast to the best of your abilities. Better still, creating tension outside of just "who will win" by introducing motives outside of immediate fights is always good. Both Yusuke and Tenshinhan are developed rather well. Goku's clear progress over his first entry builds excitement really well and introduces the concept of clear physical growth. Hiei does flashy shit and Yamcha breaks a leg.

I like tournament arcs. They can be rather fun. I can't say they're the best part of battle shonen, but a good tourney does a lot more good than bad. It just sucks that they tend to be the arcs that suffer most as the years go by, because there are only so many ways to spice it up. It sucks more when a bad fight ways it down like Neji vs. Naruto.
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I am not sure if its the best but the Boku no Hero Academia has pretty slick tournament arc. None of the usual pit faults or bullshit.

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If he wanted, he could have easily killed everybody no?

1) Trace a nuclear shelter.

2) Trace a nuclear bomb.

Kill all the masters and win the holly war.
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>implying either of those are swords
>implying even fat man or little boy would be more than regular A rank nps
>1) Trace a nuclear shelter.
>2) Trace a nuclear bomb.
But those things aren't swords.
A shield isn't a sword, and still he is able to trace a shield.

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Is there a seiyuu better than Inorin?
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Quite a few.
People actually care about the voice actors?
Those lips belong on my dick.

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