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Look at this dumb esper falling down and dirtying herself on her own, shameful.
New chapter!

nobody had posted it yet, so i did.
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Close call for toda.
He was this close to his own breaking point.
Goddamn Toda is /fit/

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How I determine if an anime is worth watching;

>Google "Show Name + Ecchi"
>No sexy ladies appear

How about you?
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Look if the show is not made by kyoanus.
This is weird, and maybe its just cause I'm old, but I do it by actually downloading the episodes and watching them. If I don't like it, I stop.
I look at the description of a show, or a manga and give the first chapter/episode a go. Three ch./eps in, if I don't like it, I drop it.

Kids these days, right?

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This guy got laid ingame but not in real life. The game was VR and just like real life for him for 2 years. So is he a virgin or not?

List the things sao did right, I know it's all shit but still for the sake of discussion
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Made a cute girl that's actually worth falling in love with.
Made a sense of loner excellence before becoming hitched.

Tbh, should've never left aincrad. The stakes just went down from there.
yeah he is
I remember thinking that the animation was decent

3 days till Saturday

Mobage discussion also possible
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>Mobage discussion also possible
pls no
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How's the anime?
I finished Rewrite ages ago but I can't imagine the anime pull it off.
First season is anime original and tries to combine aspects of every route. Second season is adapting Moon and Terra and it's actually pretty good so far.

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Would you dick a lich?
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First post for Aquafags being fags
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Just like Vanir.
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Press F for Vanir

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One of the best eps
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I like that episode
I remember how I immediately liked Asuka with her hyperactive behavior
Best girl
She's bad news.

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season 2 never
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Cause it was shit tbqh

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Hakumei and Mikochi - Tiny little life in the woods thread.
Let's talk about these little girls and their adeventures.
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Dumping the special chapter for the second volume.
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*from the second volume
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Are you?
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She's also voted for the man
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Nazuna is a shit

>there are people here that construed their genuine opinion of this anime, that being that it is of higher quality than evangelion within this board

Explain yourselves?
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Evangelion is shit
i liked the manga.
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Kurome a hyper cute.

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Pick a drink.
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Kazuma's seems like the safest option
Is Aqua supposed to be Blue Lagoon? Because Blue Lagoon a best
All of these look disgusting except Kazuma's

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Hey, /a/, it's been a while. I'm not sure if you guys still do storytimes, but here's a web manga I just finished translating and I wanted to show it to you guys first. It'd be great if you guys could give it a read and tell me if there are any mistakes or typos.

The manga is an entry from the famous God series which are all about a creepy God messing with little girls' lives, but I don't want to spoil everything. So let's go.
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First chapter.

The art style is very sketchy, as it is an amateur web manga from the VIP manga "publisher" NEETsha, but it's good enough to enjoy the manga imo.
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Jyugo is so fucking lucky

Also nanbaka thread
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Can't wait for them to return to comedy SoL to be honest. I need sparkles back too.
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Numbah One.jpg
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Why does he have an Arrancar ranking on his face?

Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turn into a door.
Then you found out that's where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
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Just go and write an ironic shonen anon
Ancient pasta is ancient.

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Season 2 of what?
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>tfw probably never
Too cute.

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