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What happend to the loveable yandere trope? It's never really shown in new anime anymore.
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Because anime companies don't like taking risks with cool and interesting shit and would rather instead focus on highschool shit for that neet money. Fuck those NEETS, they need to buy quality stuff like Future Diary or Overlord.
It's a damn shame, I much prefer lovable yanderes to the default tsundere archetype.
Because cute moeblobs and tsunderes are all that sell now. This is the future you choose.

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Why can't he just shamble a part of an enemies brain with a pebble and kill them that way?
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It doesn't work like that, any organ removed functions the same as if it were still part of the body. I guess if you mean he could just step on it or something but that's really no different than what he does with their hearts.
he is a cardiologist
I think he must be able to cut it first or he would just swap the entire person.

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Do you like sexhair or do you think it looks disgusting?
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I don't mind, but i prefer long straight hair.
Love it.

Can you guess who this hot piece of ass belongs to?
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Can you stop posting?
Best goddess
>Can you guess who this hot piece of ass belongs to?


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What's this face meant to convey?
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>Time to /ss/
Is this a common problem tiny Japs have with American tourists?

Whoops wrong thread

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This wasn't in the manga.
Why is anime Jotaro such an asshole towards his own grandfather?
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Do you remember how he treated Joseph when they first met in in prison? Something like this isn't out of the question for him at all.

No Elma.
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Badly translated futakuro live comments
>Let me show you the power of a simplegon...
>Last time I got so many good caps I couldn't decide what to use for thread OP
>Kobayashi doesn't have a woman's design at all

>A new female character!!!
>Wall slam!
>Company name starting with hell
>Does she not appear in security footage
>Skill that can be used for voyeurism
>Hey hey he's gonna die
>He's dead
>Huge cup
>I'm scared of infinite loop

>>It's rare to see an ahegao animated by Kyoani
>[reply with image of Nichijou ahegao]

>Living with a man is no good
>As expected the man is denied
>Make a log cabin
>Will become Arakawa Under the Bridge?
>Forgery of public documents
>Nice name
>>Can you make family register and resident card so easily?
>It's magic
>Can buy it online too

>God or the devil's work?
>Truly a dragon
>Unlike Kobayashi-san, doesn't earn money
>Male bonding... an omen of an increase in homo
>Otaku dislikes foreign objects entering his territory

>Already a lesbian at this age

>Not naked!
>Wet clothes
>I can't see nipples
>Zero-gravity skirt
>Iron wall skirt
>I'm glad there's no animal abuse
>The principle of leverage...!?
>Live broadcast intrusion!

>This girl is useless
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Post best dragon
>ywn be stalked by an invisible dragon maid at your desk job

why even live?

Imouto time.
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Huh. Picked up again.
Lusty onii-chan staring at imouto thighs.

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Hey guys, I'm interested in how and why are faces (and bodies) stylized the way they are in anime/manga, can you post all the weird and super stylized facial expressions that you can find? And maybe write what kind of feelings is it representing. Thank you <3
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Why does it deserve more?
Black Clover.

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One of the best episodes ever in the medium


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Discuss Vegeta's adventures.
Is Vegata's nemesis, the floor, stronger than Zanasu ?
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Poste dans ce thread frère
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J'y vais merci. Il faut finir cette belle histoire

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Feed the machine anon! You'd do it for me won't you?
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We still don't have a clear idea of what it does do we?
It allows us to be with puc puck forever.

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It's time.
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You were faster
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I'm sorry, I'm sure you'll win the next one anon.
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Why Goku is so evil?
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first for broly
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Leave Broly (female) to me.

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