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Hayate no Gotoku 559 scan: Feel the burn and salt edition.
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Wake up, its Wednesday!
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i want to wake up to kanna-chan every morning!
Why is this loli so THICC
I want to eat kanna-chan ever morning!

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Why is the battle maid trope so prevalent when it sucks shit so bad?
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>so prevalent
Name 10
Surely you haven't been so deprived of human contact to know that people have different tastes?

Unfortunately I have no sympathy because I think Roberta kicks ass. That being said, stuff like Maid Vs. Butler can fuck right the hell off.
Every anime maid is a battle maid nowadays.

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Surprisingly this show is extremely enjoyable despite the simplicity. What are your thoughts /a/?
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Many halves of the show nothing is happening.
2nd op and ed are great.
Manga is very enjoyable although half the authors effort goes into drawing cute girl faces each chapter.
It's my favorite show this season and the last.
It's pretty good. Gotou is a real menacing guy with such a dominating presence. I haven't read the manga but I hope there's more interactions between Gotou, Rei and his sister. That plotline is by far the most interesting thing in the show. The slice of life bits with the sisters are great too though. Momo is amazingly cute.

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How can you protect you're waifu if you can't even beat her up in a fight?
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well she will protect me then
first post best post
I would crush her fucking skull.

>they actually call him Bond

Holy shit, I thought you guys were joking.
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I wasn't fond of the """spoiler-free""" summary pasta because I like Rewrite enough that I don't want anybody spoiled on it but turns out it was worth it for the moment secondaries find out it wasn't nonsense. I'm pretty amused.
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Shizuru is my waifu.
If they join a rewrite thread, getting spoiled is their own fault if you ask me.

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The Nurushitturd is back, bitchez.

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I don't get this reference
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Jojo reference
D44M reference.
>It's the new doom guy
This is worse than when freddy finally got in mortal kombat and it was the new nightmare freddy.

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ITT: "Don't sexualize her ever" girls.
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You must be joking!
She's the one that turned me into a lolicon.
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Is you're waifu flat? I hope so.
According to my research, the bigger the breasts, the higher the chance of NTR.
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Yes, she is.
the power of AUGUST.
good thing they have actual personalities though

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So wait, Kyubey says that magical girls and witches are responsible for society moving forward? He also says that were it not for magical girls, people would probably still be in caves without clothes?

If magic is responsible for forward progress, assuming this anime has the same history as the real world, how come women were so oppressed for tens of thousands of years? How come there are so few notable women that come along in society, namely Joan of Arc and Cleopatra as shown in the anime, and besides that people like Pocahontas and Marie Curie, off the top of my head? There's bound to be more I'm sure.

This isn't really a plot hole, but why the fuck is it only that girls are targeted and not boys? They never even tried to explain why only girls can be used for this.

Given that time travel shit is present throughout the show, one could argue that "oh, well, this is just one of many timelines and anything could have happened to create this version of the universe, the same way the last version of the universe was created", but as far as I'm concerned that's some cop-out bullshit. Just try to explain it reasonably.

Just finished this show, and I liked it a bunch. I give it a 7 out of 10. Is Madoka the biggest martyr of anime ever ?
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Homura did nothing wrong.
>magic moves society foward.
>only girls can do magic.
>if magic goes haywire, girl becomes witch.

Literally a 2 + 2 = 4 formula.
The less freedom women have, the more unlikely it will be for them to come into contact with magic.
Less women with magic, less witches fucking shit up.
>This isn't really a plot hole, but why the fuck is it only that girls are targeted and not boys? They never even tried to explain why only girls can be used for this.
They said it. Because girls are more emotional. Hence, easy to convert into witches

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Who in their right mind would let their loli dress like this?
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I would.
How long till someone post the girl from Saki?
the same pedos spamming loli threads

Your name will come to USA on 7 April.Anyone would go to watch that?
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It's also coming to Toronto on February 18th. Anyone going to see that?
Any news if it's going to be subbed or dubbed?
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any other califags going?

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ITT: characters that pleasure old men for money.
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your waifu.tga
You're daughteru
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conmen more like cockmen

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Post more Satania
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This is now a Chiya thread.
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That's quite a funny way of spelling Tanya
The 3 best girls of the season.

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