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You know what it is.
Chapter 8 released.
Henti route update Number 4.
>Doing both serial and doujin at once.
Absolute madman.
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Did shit hit the fan yet?
They showed the shadow of another character. Other than that it's still comfy.

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Regardless of the actual quality of Naruto. It does have some of the best openings.But what is/are your favorite opening/s?

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The one in the pain arc
I agree a lot of the Ops are great. Naruto op 2 and 5 are probably the most nostalgic. Shippudden 13, and 16 are probably the best in my opinion. Honorable mention to 7, 8 and 17. I think 14 has to be my absolute least favourite. That said I did not watch any of the ones from the filler half of part 1.

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Why people hated Fullbring arc in Bleach?
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because it didn't make any fucking sense
because it's shit
They create more plot holes in a series already littered with them. Like there were still some semblance of logic before, but all that went of out the window and bullshit just keep pulling up after Fullbring

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Why do girls do this?
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Because you're ugly.

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Is it now safe to show your power level in public?
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do you want to stay a virgin?
No, only faggots do that. Same as always.

Might as well buy a Naruto headband.

>having a smartphone
>the greatest symbol of normalfaggotry
People can already spot autismos and neckbeards by their clothes, body language and hygiene. A cartoon girl phone case isn't a surprise.
And besides, do you actually want to meet people who recognize Miku? Have you been on this site?

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watched up to episode 8, kind of like it but i also feel weird watching it. what do you feel about this show?
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Hitoha best girl.
It's genuinely funny, OP, so what exactly are you feeling weird about? There's definitely plenty of mature humour, in case you're thinking the show is just for kids or somethin'.
I feel something in my pants.

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General Berserk chat
What do you guys like about the manga?
Your favourite moments in the manga?
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I'm on volume nº 18 and there's a lot of stuff i dont understand, i hope it gets clarified further in the story.
What stuff is bothering you?
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>General Berserk chat

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say you made a bunch of money recently and found yourself in a position to fund another season of something.

what anime is most deserving?
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mayo chiki s2
you can't just end a show like that
>fund another season of something
Screw that I would fuck a high budget Uno Makoto futa hentai series.
Reminder that the subject goes in the subject field.

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This is your Magi tonight.
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Can I just have all four?

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Which anime girl has emptied your pretty little ballsack the most?
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3MB, 2128x2531px

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IT'S OVER 9000!!!
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There's no way that can be right
I took a sweet ass voice acting workshop with Brian Drummond himself. It was amazing.

This is the story about a particular Rogue-Kunoichi you whom may seem familiar with, her father is someone you rather know & well hate or love because of his Unique Jutsu or his ability to steal hearts harvested the Shinobi men & women to prolong his life, yes this is the story of Kakuzus daughter Shuzu.

The reason why Kakuzu acted the way he did as maniac social cold blooded Bounty Hunting murdering Shinobi spree but really he needed the Ryo.

30 years after he met his wife.

because his daughter inherited his Earth Grudge feeling bad about her having the same ability as he did, he wanted to know what it would take to cure her. it tormented him & regretted burning the scroll, comtimplating on what to do; he finally found someone on the door step but it was not what he expected to see.

searching through each small nation & hidden unknown not on the map villages for many years up till the 3rd great ninja war.

Than Kakuzu came back to see his Daughter.

His daughter is now 28.

frusterated, sad, & livid after his unsuccessful pilgrimage he sat down opened his mask he took out a picture of him and his wife while pregnant with the unborn Shuzu he looked at his daughter after much thinking he wanted to watch her grow up to be like his deceased wife who was assassinated while one night going on a very High Bounty of 240000000000000000000 °That # is Octillion° and wanted to have the Ryo as well to help her husband, unlike him. She was raised ....
( I already have the idea of the end, his wife was murdered by Tobirama thus Shuzu shased after him for Revenge but gets servely injured an was left to die, as she took one of hidden leaf Anbu hearts and barely made at back home, the heart gives out as she opens the door & dies. You guys can copy and paste it to fix it and like I said, to continue the story as each person gets a turn) its suppose to give you the feels, Kakuzu couldn't save his daughter, thus his ruthless personality.
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Underageb& go away. /a/ doesn't like Naruto, it likes Hinata's Hinatas.
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Kakuzu also needed Ryo for a Shrink.

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How would you handle this situation?
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Lick her.
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>Aryan loli grabbing me from behind and rubbing her flat chest against me
Give in and start the headpats

Tohsaka Rin, the crepuscular maiden, possessed of the most callipygous and lascivious bottom.
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Then, she became the goddess of feet.
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She already was.
Is Rin the most inconsistent character when it comes to fanart and at times offical art?
I've seen her chest go from Bs to Cs maybe even D once or twice. Her ass is either flat, phat or somewhere in the middle. I've seen her with Brown hair and Black Hair, and I swear I've seen her with green eyes once or twice.
How is consistency this fucking hard?

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What causes such a man to make his career producing idols?
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Why not? He's pretty much a legal harem lead.
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Which of these is suppose to be the main character?
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He gets to fuck young pussies and make them famous.

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