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Oh boi Valentine's day episode
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Aw shit nigga, we in there.
Oh boy, here we go again.
Here we go

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So on my never ending quest to seek some simple, entertaining animu fun, I finally took my first steps towards trying to tackle Hunter x Hunter.

Now, I know there's various adaptations of the HxH manga; the 90's original and the 2011's new series, plus tons of OVAs and shit. But which ones should I actually bother with and watch? Or should I just sit through everything there is like a man?

Out of curiosity I checked the first 3 eps of the old adaptation, and the first episode of the 2011's adaptation - which funnily enough seemed to compress the first 3 eps of old show into one. So far I dig the old one's mood and art more, but I don't know how things will change if the show gets more action-packed later on.
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Manga -> 99 -> 11
I gave up on this on the third manga chapter.
Its so fucking dull and stupid
Why would there ever be an exam to be an adventurer? How does that make any sense at all.
It is as you said, if you want anime, watch the old adaptation for the best experience. Then if you like the story, read the manga.
Togashi made a really good manga, and it feels amazing reading it from page to page. The old anime really made the experience better with the addition of everything else, and probably the best fillers ever in anime that brings a lot to the series without damaging it, it probably made it better.
HxH is rushed and skips parts of the begining trying to catch up with the rest as fast as possible, but the magic is lost in the process with the awful sounds, colours and characterization.

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Did it need more cowbells?
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It needed a Rei milking factory if thats what you are implying

It already did that plenty.

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>post yfw he lost to Gaara
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Such a wasted character,literally had kaioken on his side and still lost, Did he made something relevant in .shippuden at least??
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He should've won ;_;

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I just finished watching a yaoi series for the first time,am i gay now?
Was the mc gay?He said he wasn't.
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the fuck is up with those proportions?
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Okane ga Nai2.png
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animation looked pretty shitty in some non-lewd scenes,but overall it was alright

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>The 15y girl is way taller and mature
>The 17y girl is sweet and cute

Is this a god-tier fetish?
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I want to harm Uzuki and have Rin to after me.
Why she is so tall?

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Fangs suck!
Remove them.
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>Fangs suck!
>Remove them.
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wtf I hate /a/ now!

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Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Shinsekai yori, Gurren Lagann.

Is there a single series that didn't get drastically worse after a time skip? They're all just so bad.
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Fairy Tail has always been shit.
One Piece became shit before the time skip.
>became shit before the time skip

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Look at this smile.

It's worth protecting, isn't it?
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Diana ruined LWA. Discuss.
you should at least picked a better image
you should HAVE been aborted

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My heroin Shinka is so addictive
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>My Anonymous Poster Is A Shinka Addict And He Can't Stop Spamming Threads About Her Every Single Day.
Relinquishing Shinka.
Stage One: preparation. For this you will need: one room which you will not leave; one mattress; tomato soup, ten tins of; mushroom soup, eight tins of, for consumption cold; ice cream, vanilla, one large tub of; Magnesia, Milk of, one bottle; paracetamol; mouth wash; vitamins; mineral water; Lucozade; pornography; one bucket for urine, one for feces, and one for vomitus; one television; and one bottle of Valium.

>Kyoukai no Kanata

these 3 kyoani shows have two things in common. main girl is worst girl and best girl is some unimoportant side-character

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>Well, he's got a hot sister, so I guess I can forgive him for assaulting me

is there a better tas than ygotas?
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Was only good up through the battle city arc.
>Implying tfs isn't better in every way.
The current oricalchamalos arc is actually pretty good, which surprised me after the awfulness that was the virtual world arc thing.

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You know it's true
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the mark of a great anime

This is a Japanese 14 year-old.
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It seems that I want to fuck a 14 year-old Japanese.
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