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not sure if anyone's seen this - or cares, but I thought you guys might like to know


>Rina Matsuno, a member of the idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, passed away on Wednesday, February 8 due to an unspecified disease. She was 18.

>Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, which operates as a "little sister group" to Momoiro Clover Z, has performed theme songs for such anime as Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, Pokémon: Black and White: Rival Destinies, Pikachu to Eevee Friends, and Nanana's Buried Treasure.

>inb4 literally who
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Japanese cold strikes again.
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Damn, dead before she got a chance to fall into JAV

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>Mou ikkai~
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>Kocchi muitei!
I came here for this.

Is there even something to post after those 3 posts?

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Press F to Pay Respects
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shes fine, move on

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Aoi Yuuki's done several loli roles in the past, but is this her best one yet?
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Probably, the transition is something to be awed for.
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You tell me
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Nope. Sayajin is her best role.

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She only understood physical attraction; this embarrassing display of affection was too much for her.
Slut got BTFO hard.

also, c-cats are c-cuter

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show me your best tsunderes'
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Shana is HOT.
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You already posted her.

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Latest chapter of the Clear Card Arc is out

So this girl is some evil Sakura parallel right, or like actually some alternate Sakura (like Watanuki is to Syaoran).

I mean she even has a tiny familiar.
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Take that you ungrateful fucks. This kind of fucking shit and all the fucking shitposting threads is why no one wants to watch this fucking anime. Why don't you useless pieces of fucking weaboo garbage boat dump trashbags actually fucking cooperate for once in your fucking lives and appreciate that we actually had someone who gave a fuck about good fucking anime. Anno sure didn't give a fuck, and neither did Hayao Miyazaki's pasta linguini fucking Italian Meatball ravioli fuckass full of fucking olive oil fucking fingers. Ungrateful fucks, we don't deserve Kimi No Na Wa for all the good shit he's done for us you pieces of fucking shit.
Thanks for bumping

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Text spoilers are out.
Is it the same dog?
Bobbin's bounty is 105.5 million. He uses his power to put all the arriving soldiers to sleep and goes after Sanji by himself.
Mirror World Chopper and the others cross through a mirror and peer into Big Mom's sleeping chambers. Brook appears to be in Big Mom's hand while she's sound asleep. She's only half asleep and shatters the mirror, Prometheus, Zeus, and Napoleon respond to that sound and all attack the mirrors at once.
Sanji is running through the raining town, and a dog looks eager to take Sanji's bento.
Mirror World Chopper and the others collect bones at an execution site and make a fake Brook, which they use to switch out with the real Brook.
Sanji has arrived at the promised location. He searches for Luffy throughout the countless fallen soldiers.
Mirror World Brook opens up his skull and pulls out the poneglyph print. Brook: "Yes, I was able to copy this...More than that, I'm happy you're okay Pedro" Everyone: "Y..You managed to get it!?" Brook: "Ah, Yeah"
Everyone celebrates this, leaving bringing back Sanji the only objective left.
The Promised location There's a loud grumbling sound coming from far away. Sanji finds Luffy, whose face appears like a mummy. Sanji sports a huge grin with streams of tears rolling down his face.
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>Bobbin's bounty is 105.5 million.
Bobbinfags BTFO
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> Sanji sports a huge grin with streams of tears rolling down his face.
How much he can cry in this arc? Damn just feed Luffy and get out of there
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>Not a SanjixNami chapter

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Was there a single truly bad person in Umineko, or were they all just misunderstood souls who made mistakes because they were hurting?
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Was there a single truly good person in Umineko?
Kumasawa, Genji, Gohda.
Genji was absolutely fine with Sayo's massacre.

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Will Guts pick the best Berserk waifu?
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Will berserk man go berserk on berserk traitor?

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Choose your deito.
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Uh, already did that.
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I want to marry this delicious Cake.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

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thy birthright definition.jpg
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>random animu shows shooting star
>"mada kono sekai wa" starts playing
>watching Shinkai stuff in shitty 720 rip
Do you niggers have no patience at all?

When did you realize that Shiburin could rip you apart in a fight?
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Shiburin isn't for fight
Shiburin is for love
It'd be sometime after receiving my tenth 100 + birthday card from His Majesty William V I'd reckon.
When I realized that I had fallen in love with her but could never have her because there was somebody who already took claim over her heart.
Realizing that she would never love me back, I had given up, and in that way she had tore apart my heart in an eternal fight of love within myself.

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>S2 never ever
Life is suffering.
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Uchouten Kazoku got a S2. Japan has been improving their taste, have some faith.
Do you think there's any chance? The show aired 4 years ago and it doesn't seem to be all that popular.

It sucks because It really needs more episodes.
I just want to believe.

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Hajime is cute! CUTE!
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i liked her yellow ribbon better
also i thought her boobs were too big in S2
Her pout faces were super cute too.
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