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Who's your black haired waifu /a/non?
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Red > Black
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This is a malevolent demon from the darkest depths of hell. Say something nice about her!
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I'd her horns.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
She is good at making people dependent on her.

New episode for all 6 anons still watching.
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I'm hungry now
So are we at the dere-loli stage now?

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this is rather short, but i need somewhere to post it
it's the ending of volume 4's version of chapter 22
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could you share the raws of volume 4 senpai
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forgot to post it because i was gonna post a different image first, but changed my mind

>Hey, look at this.
>Gross, right?

>Get it out of my face!
>You can't stand scary things?
>100 Horrors You Can't Google
>Stop it!
>Come on!
>Cut it out already.
>I am so sorry.
Keep going

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ITT: underrated anime
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Real Drive is garbage apart from the girls. It very much deserves how it's rated.
Was Rolling Girls worth finishing?

I loved the first couple of episodes but afterwards it sort of began to drag on and on and I eventually sort of stopped watching it near the third quarter and the fourth.

Did it at least have a satisfying ending?

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You're waifu is like a beautiful flower! Make sure to take very good care of her and nurture her like she nurtures and takes care of you!

Lets get things rolling!

How would you describe your love for eachother?

What reminds you how much they mean to you?

How do you stay strong for them? Especially when the going gets tough?

What would you most like to experience together?

How much does your loved ones series influence them as a character?

Remember to compliment a waifu today, yours are all super amazing, and beautiful
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Hello humans, prepare to be invaded.
been a while since I posted here, hope you and your beloved have a great week
Tell me, what is a waifu to you? Why is she THE special one?
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My Shuzo is the only one for me. Holding him close and waking up next to him every morning brings me happiness beyond compare. I love my waifu so much and I never stop thinking about him.

Have a great week with your waifus everyone.

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Looks like someone already got a redesign.
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Murata redesign it because the first one is too hard to draw.
New chapter out already??
Get used to it, he's been doing constant redesigns of characters and chapters for ages now. He just wants to ensure that his work remains with a consistent quality.

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Please draw your waifu in Paint.
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Draw your waifu!
That was quick!

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Boxes belong in the trash can.
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Double dubs of truth.

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On another note, what does /a/ think of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko?
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Put it in.
tickle her feet.
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Ignore the retard and proceed to have unprotected sex with the oba-san ending in impregnation.

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why would you not, OP?
Why is lain anischeralis?

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Y-yes dad?

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What was his endgame?
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literally fuck everyone up

Making the world eternal.
Also, building a harem cute girls and boys.
prime teen pussy for all eternity

According the the latest chapter of Fire Punch, this manga should be getting a new chapter/serialization. Anyone know if someone is gonna pick it up?
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why would you put a penis on a sword
Cause they're cute
It's not. They're just republishing it in Jump+ instead of a new FP chapter.

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 - 05 [1080p]
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It's DEEN. Why waste your effort with anything over 120p.
Did they really kill the guy?

Also, is the craftsman guy a final boss?
Demons are a pain in the ass to kill, especially one of his caliber, Aqua has trouble with him in a one-on-one "fair" fight

Did you really think they'd kill off best boy?

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