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Who is the best anime OP/ED theme song singer?
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This anon.
Nana Mizuki if you want it to appear in a high place in the Oricon charts.

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in a show full of mostly christian imagery, what did Anno mean by this?
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If you are implying something about jews, Evangelion is chock full of Jewish mysticism
yes that's what I was implying
my best guess was something like
>in shinji's eyes, his father is evil because he almost made him kill his friend
>christian imagery
>jews killed jesus so they are evil
>connection between the evil jews and shinji's evil father
You're overthinking that shit.
Asnd I doubt the "Jews are evil" meme is really a thing in Japan.

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Lets settle this once and for all. Junko Enoshima is undeniably the best girl of the danganronpa series.
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No Junko is the reason why we guys need to make double damn sure that we don't stick our dicks in crazy.
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Nice joke anon. Posting best girl
Sorry dude Junko is just better

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>4-koma Manga 'Tsurezure Children' Receives TV Anime Adaptation

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That's great. I wonder if they're going to be shorts.
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Late night Aushour tattun shitposting edition
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fuck off jesus fuck
Well you got the shitposting part right.
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We general now!

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>no acca thread
Come on, this is the best show of this season! What bread do you guys prefer? I like croissants
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I like cakes.
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You are not wrong. There is no ACCA thread. But using ctrl F isn't a reliable indicator. This works much better.
Passable/10. It's okay for snacks.
Give me some proper whole wheat bread for a real meal though.
I wouldn't say its the best show of the season but its good enough to keep your interest

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Anime A E S T E T H I C S thread?
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Orphen S3 when
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This is a really strange file name in that it sounds like something from facebook, but isn't actually from facebook.
Where did you get it? I'm curious.
Guy probably renamed all (or some) of his images to piss off people.

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Former called "Anime Mirai" and originally started as "Young Animator Training Project" in 2010. It gave us Death Billiards and Little Witch Academia.

I really wish they stopped changing the name of it, it makes already hard to find anime even harder.

Four shorts to screen in Tokyo on March 11, 2017.

Which one do you think will be better?


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Red Ash seems cool
I think Genbanojo looks really nice.
Red Ash I don't like the CGI, but the story yeah it seems cool.
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Charanpo Land no Bōken from Studio Comet

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Why is Sharo so sexy?
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Because she looks EXACTLY like me.
How else will she make money then?
I sexually abused her as a child

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Is Kuzu no Honkai culturally and aesthetically important to anime?
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NTRfags need to be put in camps.
It has already started a revoulution.
Stop spamming these threads, faggot

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What's the first thing you think of?
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that this show sucks
getting my tongue in the butthole
The engine starting up if you catch my drift

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I have never watched, know, nor wish to watch whatever anime this is
You better watch it

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How the hell does anyone in JoJo beat Super Fly?
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With a super fly swatter.
Giorno can probably use GE on it safely.
Well if Funny got a really big American flag he could easily beat it by bringing another copy in

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How was Homura able to become a god? Madoka was the one that made such a wish. Even now Mami became very powerful in the concept trailer. Becoming a god requires no effort.
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dead series
But it has an approaching movie.
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>How was Homura able to become a god?
Rewatch Rebellion. This is the most ass-pull bullshit I have ever watched. Magica Quartet made the storyline, describing a binomial confrontation between yin and yang but Homura didn't need to call herself Devil. She just stole power from Madokami and revised Madoka's universe in oder to prevent Kyubey from experimenting with Law of Cycles. Also, read the last chapter of Wraith Arc, which is a interquel between the first two movies and Rebellion. The ending of Wraith Arc has a bunch of explanation because Rebellion is inconsistent with the first two films, Beginnings and Eternal. Moreover, they never explained how Kyubey captured Homura. I assume they wanted to avoid explaining Kyubey's isolation field, because if it can exist, PMMM is not consistent with itself. LoC could be functioning no longer. Also, the worse part is that Homura threw away her magical shield despite one of her mementos and her shield has the witch of Madoka. That is NOT illustrating the psychological description of Homura at all. This is the worst manga I’ve ever read. Magica Quartet is impotent to build the plot of Anime and Manga.

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>comedy relief/lazy character turns out to be the most powerful by far when serious
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>>comedy relief/lazy character turns out to be the most powerful by far when serious
>>loses the fight because as a comic relief character they are air-headed as fuck and make ridiculous mistake
I unironically like this trope because I usually self insert into the comedy relief character.

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