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This wasn't bad at all. A rock solid super robot show with some really interesting ideas and great animation.
Why did it get ignored? Andbefore you say it, Star Driver wasn't that much better. It had the same problem, too many underdeveloped characters, and a weaker premise and villain.
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I read that many fans felt that it became really boring really fast, which is why they don't want to talk about it, because it didn't hold their interest.
No idea if it's true, I haven't watched the show myself, and I'm currently not in the mood for it. I might do so at some point later.
>I read that many fans felt that it became really boring really fast
I mean, it's sort of formulaic, as these kind of shows usually are.
But Star Driver was even more so.
It wasn't bad. Rewrite the show to get rid of Salty Dog and improve the pacing, and then you've got a pretty decent show with great animation and interesting ideas.

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I remember watching this back when I was a teen. I don't think I understood it and I don't recall anything aside from it being really depressing. Is it worth rewatching or will I end up confused and cutting my wrists?
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You'll end up aroused and stroking your penis.
Rewatch the first episode. If you like it, watch another one. Repeat.
It's probably just as depressing now as it was for your then, but it's still a great show and a rewatch would be worth it.

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What do you think of Noa?
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A handsome boy
I want to lick her pussy.

Should I bother with this anime? I not interested in yuri loli.
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they're only side characters. It's mainly about Rin getting pleasured by old men
>not interested in the main premise
Shirou steals the spotlight in 3rei, and its fucking terrible.

Camp and good at dueling but used unreleased cards and mind reading to win
Sucks at dueling, then gets replaced by a stronger version of himself and he only barely beats fucking Joey out of luck
Sucks at dueling and has no real motivation then gets randomly "redeemed"
Great duelist, manages to fuck over the entire main cast besides Atem but his boring underlings get way more screentime then him
Sucks at dueling, waits 200 episodes to do anything
How did the guy in the worst season become the best villain?
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He was kind of a mary sue villain desu He is still my favorite Yugioh villain though
>Sucks at dueling, waits 200 episodes to do anything

Read the manga.
>worst season become the best villain
The season sucked so much anything of value looked godly.

Tohru is sad.

Cheer her up.
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Thats mean

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It's weekend time! Time to dance and party!

Post pics of dancing animu grills!

Link is in the pastebin http://pastebin.com/MFi6wMs7
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best time of weekend

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It's been 4 years already. Will anime ever be this good again?
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>It's been 4 years already
sh-shut up
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>10 years
But Kill la kill is dogshit.

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Do Japs actually give a shit about Valentine's day or is it just something anime lionizes?
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It's a profitable """holiday""" of course they care.

What is it that makes Hikari so adorable?
It's an easily exploitable holiday so any country that understands the business cares about it.

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I have never felt such an immense amount of shock from seeing nipples before. You know what I mean?
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I don't. I may require more pics to fully understand.
dead or alive needs a nude anime ova too
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Thanks google, what would I do without you

Reminder that Dragon Ball has no canon.
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Reminder ur gay
Reminder that we'll all die
>no canon
Reminder that you have brain damage

Here is your (you)

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Reminder that Shinji Ikari is canonicaly heterosexual
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It's true.
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manga disagrees

All I wanted was a LOGH poster in my room, and what do I get?
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Do I look like I know what a JPEG is?

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I remmember nearly nothing about this show. What happened at the end?

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About to start this. What to expect?
Yurika is still mai waifu

Still haven't bothered with the movie because of how needlessly grimdark it is when compared to the show. Also I never cared much for Ruri and I hear the movie is 80% Ruri-fag fanservice

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