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Vampires, dragons, angels and demons - these mythical creatures have captured our imagination for centuries. Such extraordinary beings can terrify, fascinate, and humble the reader. They've been some of the greatest obstacles the most legendary of fictional heroes have had to overcome.

There's a trend in anime, not beginning with but exemplified by this season's anime: slice of life featuring fantastic creatures. What is the appeal of making the mythical mundane, the extraordinary ordinary, making the once-in-a-lifetime everyday?
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Ask 'Welcome to Nightvale'.
It means you can fuck it
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This trend has been going for years already. A lot of the Monster Girl stuff are part of it, like the relatively recent Monster Monsume that has managed to find some measure of success both on nipland and in the west. There have been manga series with that kind of setting since at least the 90's or 80's though (Petshop of Horrors being one from the top of my head).

It's a considerable niche I'd say.

>What is the appeal of making the mythical mundane, the extraordinary ordinary, making the once-in-a-lifetime everyday?

That's its own appeal. The surreality of the fantasy subjects mingled with the reality of the ordinary everyday life. All the unthinkable moments and interactions that defy previously conceived ideas. It's a nice form of escapism and of channeling fun fiction.

Adding the most recent cute/moe to it makes for a good sell in today's market.

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>ITT: Canon used goods
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OP's mom.
OP's onahole.
Raping people doesn't make you used goods.

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I just finished watching the original movie and I've seen that there have been made some more since and I was wondering if they're worth it.
Also Ghost in the Shell discussion thread
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-The Stand Alone Complex series is pretty good. If you like the series, they made a movie in the same continuity too
-GitS2 is good, but not as good as the original
-Arise is garbage
-the live action movie will be garbage too

In case you didn't already know it, you should watch the Patlabor films too. They're classic Oshii, especially the second one
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Thanks for the sugestions
Innocence is trash and you're retarded for thinking otherwise.

Congrats, Shikamaru. He finally did it. That feel when your OTP comes true.
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fuckin broomhead

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mole so disgusting makes me taste vomit every time i see her face
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why nips hate dia? bossy, short fused girls are hot as fuck
Is Arisha 2.5D?

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Is /a/ intelligent enough to cut Arcueid into 17 pieces?
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No I don't have a hobo knife folded nine million times nor special rape eyes.
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Do the pieces have to be identical?

It's up to you

ITT: Ridiculous out of place anime episodes
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Eureka Seven worked because it was long enough to include these strange slice of life episodes, so you actually cared about the characters at the climax of the story.
does eureka like eggos?
Episode 4.

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>MC has small eyes
>Everyone immediately thinks he's a bully
Seriously Japan?
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People actually get scared of you if you make the wrong facial expressions, I mean obviously shit like Toradora exaggerates it, but there is some truth. In highschool I was a fucking autist who was perpetually squinting and who never talked to anyone. There was this girl in front of me that was always real fucking mousy and at one point she straight up asked me if I was okay because she thought I was gonna kill someone. I've trained my self to stop squinting so much since then but you get the idea. Lost count of how many times people have asked my if I'm okay.

Not just a Japanese thing.
Have you ever seen an Asian with very slitty eyes? It can give them an intimidating, hard expression without them meaning to. That's why so many women get eyelid surgery to make their eyes look bigger.
can you imagine how awful anime would be if they looked like actual asian women?

I would gag and so would other millions

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Would you feed her? Would you give her hugs even when she gets gassy from eating too much?
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Yes of course.

But there's a thread that's up >>153242270.
Cute girls don't poop or pass gas, silly anon.
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Cute thread, OP.

What went right with Akame ga Kill?

I think we pretty much covered what went wrong already
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Mine and dragon cock.
Mine, Leone and Chelsea.
Waifu game was on point

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Can Fate be considered a fight shounen?
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No but it can be considered trash.
>Nasu: I think Fate is like reading a 15-volume shounen manga all at once. Mahoutsukai no Yoru is more like watching a two-hour movie. I'm not talking about actual length here, but the overall feeling. Compared to Fate's "Conquering the entire restaurant menu" feeling, Mahoutsukai no Yoru is more like "thoroughly enjoying a meal prepared from rigorously selected ingredients."
Some of the manga adaptations have been serialized in Shounen Ace and the other half on Young Ace.

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>Nazi Hughes

And some people have the balls to say 2003 is superior
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He did nothing wrong
Dude Fritz Lang lmao

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Really concerning, desu.
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How so?

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purupuru'd too hard.jpg
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Get in here!
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