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Its shit. Really really shit.
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What's with the threads lately?
Did you make them all?
Are you very butthurt?
I think up to episode 8 is alright, it kinda should've ended there though. Pretty realistic portrayal of autism.
I loved it.

I'm serious.

Does anyone here like Paprika? Forgive me for my ignorance, I don't come to /a/ very often.

I wonder what doctor Tokita being stuck in the elevator in the beginning means? I assumed it meant that Atsuko's passion and drive weren't being allowed to flourish, because I guess my first impression was that all the characters were different aspects of one person personality (the chairman being the jaded cynicism we all struggle with at some point, for instance)
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why does everything have to mean something?

>wow a rope landed on the ground in front of me I guess this means I have to hang myself
low-intellect pleb here

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One page thread
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Is this true?
No, the honeymoon is the one time you definitely shouldn't leave out sexuality

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>Mou ikkai~
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Tsukikko a shit.
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MS Paint version>all.

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Welcome to this week's RAWs of disgustingly cute little girls lifting big heavy weights and putting them back down where,

uh oh!

Something is AFOOT!!


TL san! We need help discovering what it might be!!!
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Elementary, my dear Squat-san!
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Gossip girls and sensei fun-posting her own gossip

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Would you be able to beat your waifu in a fistfight?
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You bet I could.
My waifu could give me quite fright though and even possibly kill me.
She bites.
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I don't know. She's pretty strong.
I've got like a hundred waifus, even though many among them are physically weak, they have an undeniable numerical advantage. Not to mention some have superpowers and shit.

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Sexual intercourse with Vampire NInjas??
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Sera a shit.
One Saras, please.
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>old bimbo-looking hags
No thanks.

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what makes a person enjoy anime?
why do you watch anime?

Is it your crippling loneliness?

Is it the comfy feeling that most anime give?

Is it nostalgia?

Is it wishing you were a Japanese girl?
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I got tired of the blatant Jewish subversion in western media. That's pretty much it.
because escapism

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Is Saint Seiya worth watching?

What are your thoughts about it?

In which order should I watch it?
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Read the manga
But I want to watch the animoo
Watch the anime until the end of the black saints arc. Then skip to the manga until the beginning of the 12 houses arc

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Can we have a Mai-Hime thread?
Don't be shy, you know it was an instant favorite once you heard the opening theme.
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I guess not.
Christ you people are depressing.
says the only guy in the thread
too old

too ruined by the last episode

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>they're like lucky charms that clubmates would wear
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The ring shit was so hilariously obvious
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This face will give me nightmares.

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Featuring: High comedy, a new semen demon (design outsourced), plot, and /d/.

tickling is /d/, right?
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So what do anons think Sir's deal is? Why is he presented always watching clips of All Might? Is he bitter about the breakup or is he plotting something?
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Is this sexual harassment?

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What went right?
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Teddy Bomber
Practically everything to do with how it looked and sounded. Except maybe the Engrish - and even that was comedy gold, if not regular gold.
The Engrish and that godawful ending. The OST was a solid plus though

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>look for certain genre on mangaupdates
>descending order by rating
>90% of them are BL or some shit like it

Females was a mistake
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This shit have way better rating than Tsugumomo
Send help
Bu it is better than Tsugumomo.
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>Anal Intercourse
>Group Intercourse
>Unexpected Feelings

Watever, I will stick to my fucking backlog

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holy fuck that is good, is there and english version?

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