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>"Hey anon, give me your lunch money or else I'm gonna fill your brain full of 'errors' that are gonna make you 'crash.' Let's just say it would be 'game over' for you."
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Piss off Nene, you've been replaced.
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this is the cheesiest post of this kind ive ever seen
dumb nene poster

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>That anime girl that always puts a smile back into your face after a long day of crippling depression
Tell us about her, /a/.
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Hidamari Sketch: A show where the main conflict is what to eat for dinner tonight
I put NNB, Aria and K-on! on at the same time for ultimate comfy.
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ritsu heart.gif
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shes really fun to be around, almost like another dude, but still feminine enough to be cute and fall in love with. doesnt like unnecessary drama, goes straight to the point with everything she does.

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This is Asuka, she's the pilot of EVA-02

Say something nice to her!
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I want to join /a/ in a gangbang of asuka
Even a doll has more worth than her.
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Best girl, in any form.

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Is Kumiko the most realistic and relatable female protagonist of the past 17 years?
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No, that would be Momoka.
Blocks your path

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Is Gowther the biggest slut in the series?
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A wild beasts howls

Gowther and Merascylla snuck in in order to rescue the prisoners of war but came too late.
Meanwhile, Monspiet and Derrierie, on the verge of destruction by the Four Archangels,
each sacrifice 6 of their 7 hearts and transform into the taboo beast Indura.
End texts: "A destructive punch soaked in blood. The pure-white wings are tainted in deep crimson."
"Turn the unfavorable situation around with a life-risking secret technique. The ferocious dual beast bares its fangs at the Four Archangels!"
To be continued in chapter 207 / The beast of destruction Indura.
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Why do they keep going out of their way to point out this girl is a slut?
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I'd like to replace that banana with my dick.
Wouldn't that hurt?
Because she is a slut

Not the expensive kind either

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Ping Pong the Animation in 2014
Takkyuu Musume in 2016
How long until a new show tackles this sport and we get a 3rd masterpiece?
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Shakunetsu S2 obviously.
Why did people like this show again?

We can all agree on this. Thank you based KyoAni.
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Yeah, that's true.
I like Little Witch Academia a lot more.

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Just marathoned the first 5 episodes of this. Should i just drop it now or will it get any better?
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keep watching or you're mother dies in her sleep tonight
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If you like the idea but not the execution then try the manga instead. The anime is crap.
do people actually consider 5 episodes a marathon?

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There's a thread up a already >>153242270

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/punpun/ Discussion thread

Second time finishing the story. The kid letting punpun and his gang into the miso factory is Najou, did this have any meaning to it? And why the fuck was she covered in blood? Any more of these small easter eggs?
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Got a question on my own. Just finished it. Was it truly the worst ending that could happen?
Well is him dying a better ending?
Objectively yes.

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Satania is for ___
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funny faces
breeding and take responsibility.

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Just how much suffering did this man have to endure?
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not enough
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Not as much as /ourboy/
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Too much.
They've all suffered so much

>/a/ constantly talks about Evangelion
>decide to watch
>it's fucking shit
thanks, faggots
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see you in the threads, shitposting.
>>it's fucking shit
It's just waifutalk tho, clearly instigated by the same person. Watch Soul Taker instead OP

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>anime ost is usually orchestra, jazz, dubstep, acoustics or techno
Synthwave fucking when??
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Hopefully never.
I wish, it's almost always shitty jrock.
Rakugo is the only anime with a decent OST this season.
ACCA, as boring as it can be at times, has a great OP at least

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