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Movie Title Revealed
So now is sure that it will be everything about Shirou.
Who is Hyped?
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When is it coming out?
This Summer.
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It's just the title but it made me squeal like an 11-year-old.

Hype as fuck.

>loved Carved Seal of Flames
>hated the Crimson Moon
>movie is fantastic

Thank you based Mappa.
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Just finished Honoo no Kokuin, looking forward to the movie.
Avoid The Crimson Moon. Outside of Seimei and Zanga, its pretty shit. Movie is fantastic though, takes place about 4 years after the events of the TV series.
its kind of nice, but the CG armors suck all kinds of balls, "drawn" animated fights are quick and nice, while the CG ones feel so clunky and slow

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its out!
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Is Nieru dead?

>it's a bunch of fags (apart from Choze) nobody cares about eating monster cells chapter

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Thank you, OP.
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I'm happy Kuroneko got away from those toxic people and scum-kun isn't her boyfriend
>still being THIS mad.
Loving every laugh.

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What's the deal with koreans and drama? It's like I'm reading some Mexican soap opera. I just want to fap to their top-notch waifus in piece, goddammit.
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Koreans are not /a/ related.
>It's like I'm reading some Mexican soap
Way to give yourself away you dumb fucking spic.
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When did you realize that Aqua's hair loop is just a gigantic ahoge because she's stupid as shit
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For a goddess whose aspect is water, she sure is an airhead
When did you realise that her hair ornament is actually a model of an H2O molecule?
Yes, we get it, reddit: Aqua is dumb haha, but please stop making threads about it. It's not funny anymore.

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>mfw episode 12

We WMT now.
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>next episode starts with a flashback

Man, 48 episodes and still getting a flashback? Shit. Thought I'm the only one left watching this.
It's a flashback to Cheval's happy times with his mom because she just died in the last episode.

Quick! Name one single thing you remember about GitS Arise.
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the op

i loved the op
I remember that I didn't like it
I remember that I didn't watch it

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Leg & Foot fags #12
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Awww yeaaah.
Akane a cute btw.
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when's the next legs and feet manga coming out?

They gave her a really cute design in the new series

And a really great ass
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She fucks 009 right?
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The remake was a mistake.
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What made them change up that nose?

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does she stay like that for the rest of her life?
Thanks senpai.
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Incurable autism.png
1MB, 1920x1090px

Pretty much.

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Would you love her even if you knew you were going to lose her in a few months?

>people don't like this show because you see the sad coming
That's literally the point.
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I didn't like it because the "sad" was horribly ham-fisted and poorly written.
you enjoy the present as much as possible with her. It's the same principle for people that are infected with a terminal disease.
How so?

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It has plenty of flaws.

Still, I like it.
This movie was a big step down from the series, which was already only mediocre.

The movie doesn't have time for any of the charm or character of the show. With the show Kyoani was able to take plenty of time to compose beautiful scenes and to find creative ways to cover up the horrible cliched mess that was the story. The movie didn't have time for any of that shit, it just cranked the melodrama to eleven and had characters standing around in rooms or trying to punch each other. It felt like a very special episode of Power Rangers.

The first four eps of the show were the peak of this franchise, it was all downhill from there.
You start.

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More embarrassed Nakano-san!
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I want that NOPE T-Shirt.
Poor Nakano has to put up with this shit from her mom now too.

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> Extremely important character
> Makes an appearance in his series once every 5 years or so.

Can anyone think of any other examples of characters like this? Sakamoto from Gintama comes to mind but not much else.
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Not many series are 5 years long to begin with.
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Shanks isn't remotely important.
He's basically a plot device, like Mihawk.

Mihawk's job is to wait around and get beaten by Zoro.
Shanks's job is to wait around and then meet Luffy, or maybe get killed by BB before then.

There's no depth to him.

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