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Tell me about Hika-nee. Why does she ride the shinkansen?
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She'd rather ride a dick but her village has no men.
Perhaps she's wondering why someone would sosunser a man before throwing him out of the tokyo tower.

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>environments and character designs are amazing but all faces look retarded
how could any editor allow this shit?
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>Watermarked page
>Trying to have standards
No. You can´t demand anything if you yourself have 0 standards.
>i only read the mango for pretty faces
i just got the pic from google senpai

What's the cruelest prank ever played?
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Me being born.
>implying it wasn't for the wellbeing of Satou
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Guys! Guys! I think I found something out.

According to the explanation given in episode 5 of Chaos;Child the conscious of the people around it make the delusion real. As you see the Schrödinger's cat dead or alive and that makes it dead or alive.

In A Certain Magical Index, it's explained that their powers come being able to see the cat dead and alive at the same time.

So the Gigalomaniacs would force them the Espers to see the cat one way. But would it work since it wouldn't be recognized by the Espers and therefore wouldn't become reality?

What would happen if the Gigalomaniacs of "Chaos;Child" and the Espers of "A Certain Magical Index" would face? Would the world implode?
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So... why did they build a city on top of a godlike being who created life on Earth while giant godlike aliens capable of vaporizing cities trying to get her.

Isn't it better if they built Dogma oh i don't know SOMEWHERE AWAY FROM MILLIONS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS!

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If you don't have access to civilians, where are we going to conveniently get children with the rare ability to synchronize with giant fleshmechas to fight off said godlike aliens? You act as if the civilians are more important than the end of the world.
Because you need all those people to actually build and maintain things. Do you even war?
It had a good hideout system for civilians, in the events of 3rd impact, whole earth would be fucked anyway. But as far as outside security goes, Tokyo 3 is probably the most advanced in the world of Eva, precisely because Dogma is the place that needs protection the most.

"God's in his heaven, all's right with the world."

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Umaru Shrine thread
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Fuck off.

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Why did this show ever get popular?

Generic Tsundere

Generic Kuudere

Generic Useless Moeblob

Generic Msyterious Transfer Student

Generic Snarky harem self insert

Boring ass story in a club
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Generic doesn't mean bad, specially when the character dynamics are great and on point. K-On characters were also your average archetypes, but how they interacted with each other was fresh and right now that show is pretty much the golden standard for any cute girls doing cute things show.
Visuals. At the time the show was amazing visually and the story in general was new and fresh and while the characters had some generic archetypes the interactions were entertaining enough. Haruhi pretty much invented modern anime.
>Generic Tsundere
Hell no. Shit tsundere.

t. fan of many many Tsunderes that hates Haruhi

Who was in the wrong here?
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How does he even carry that thing around.
He's a big guy.

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Is it wrong that I prefer Code Geass over LoGH?
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No, it just means you're a peasant.
Both are garbage.
No. They're two completely different shows. One is mecha and the other is a political drama.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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i like it
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I am indifferent to it.

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Childhood is hating Naru for being tsun.

Adulthood is realizing that she's the most stable and dateable girl of the bunch.
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Childhood is hating Love Hina for being shit
Adulthood is realizing you were completely right
She's the best girl and deserved her win.

People who disagree can eat shit.
Those guys gets it.

Naru is tsundere done right. She's like 70% dere, 30% tsun. Reread it if you need, I was surprised at first since I didn't remeber it being that way.

I'm not talking about the awful anime, by the way.

Everytime i feel delight, when you recall my name
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So you can be my shining star tonight

I'm not alone with all your love
This show is bad. No eurobeat can save it
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I just started watching and it's pretty great

Best ending for a series ever.
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Wasn't good when St. Elsewhere did it, isn't good now
Another trick, of course
It's not. I've seen the raws.

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Eat it.png
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Would you eat it?
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>mods banning honest to goodness kobayashi threads
Has moderation on /a/ become this terrible?
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>People who hate pineapples
While I got one day ban for bantering LWAfags

They're literally crushing the board these days

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This girl makes no sense.
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I fucking hate this "pure slut" meme where girls will act lewd 24/7 but break down and start contradicting themselves when it really comes down to it.
This is why Anna will forever be the best girl of this show.
I fucking love this "pure slut" meme. Call it insecurity if you want, I don't care.
Why does he look so fat in that shot?

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