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Which was the most evil character on Digimon?

In my opinion it is Piedmon

I remember being scared of him as a 5 years old child and my brain still fears him somehow 15 years later

I think about him in his castle in the middle of a dark plain watching with his telescope and it gives me shirves in my spine
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The D-Reaper, of course. Piedmon is pretty cliche, while the D-Reaper is so offputting and just feels wrong. Its motives are simple, yet it's presentation is effective.
The dreaper wasnt evil is just the delet meme gone haywire
That vampire digimon from Adventures 1.

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This is your master today
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I just want to suck her stinky shitter.
All anime should be required to have BD specials dedicated to the girls undressing and lewding about.
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And made by XEBEC

Which girl should of won?

Also this is Shaft's best work.
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You posted her
>liking anything made by shaft
Denpa Onna is done by Shaft before they gone into the stylistic shitter.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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How many years in are we already, anyway?

Because I'm still indifferent.
I kinda like it. Not sure.
"Very many years".
desu I'm not even sure what we're supposed to like, the taste of fish?

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ITT: We describe our lives with a single manga panel
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You haven't seen the comfiest anime series ever.
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Is that Kohina?
Did Kokkuri-san get a season 2?
You aren't wrong, it's not the comfiest series.
Why did you change your OP?

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Any news about Kubo?
Will he do something after Bleach?
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I guess nobody cares anymore ;_;
Bathing in money.
He's doing a chapter for the live action movie which he's also involved in as a consultant or something.
Maybe bleach 2 in 2018.

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It saddens me to see /a/ show little to no interest in Onihei, arguably one of the better shows this season, a studio debut at that.

What's the crux of this indifference? Is it the setting, perhaps some of you find it dry and exploited, or quite the opposite, too exclusive and aimed at history buffs? Perhaps it's the nature of this show, as it is essentially a villain-of-the-week and doesn't promise a change of pace? Or perhaps the characters, predominantly middle aged people shown at work?

Talk to me. Why doesn't Onihei captivate you?
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Probably the setting. A lot of people here a too casual for anime that is set in that era and doesn't feature some kind of mecha or moe girls with magic.
My guess would be it's aimed at an older audience but set up as a crime of the week show, with an invincible protagonist. So not a lot of depth basically.
Though I've been keeping up with this and not hating it.

...Also it's not on crunchyroll, and despite vocal haters, most people use that or previously Funi.
I'm neutral about the setting, there's good and bad historical stuff (I'm slowly watching House of Five Leaves, which seems be about dreadfully boring rudimentarily morally conflicted people, which probably affects my enthusiasm), but I haven't heard a lot of praise I guess.

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Which Dome would you Kano?

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Hina please go, don't you have old men to please?
literally all of them, especially the boys

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Pico no Boku





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Why do so many guys watch romance anime?

Don't you find it a little weird? Only women are really interested in romance. In all other forms of entertainment besides anime, the audience for romance stories is overwhelmingly female.
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cuz i love it
Good shows are good shows, that is all there is to it.
>not enough action in romance anime
>not enough romance in other genres

anyone else know this feel?

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Pictured: dead meat.
>Pictured: memes.
Siegfried's life is suffering.

Thumb nail looked like Kuro

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How do we save these witches from the fires of hell?
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First for futa.
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Post character themes
Did Jesus himself ever say the witchcraft was evil?

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Post your favorite Japanese Colloquialisms!
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pls roast me
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2/4 pretentious as fuck

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Watch K-On.
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Haven't yet, still won't.
I already have.
It was simultaneously a blessing and a curse.
and i don't mean that in an endearing way
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But I just rewatched it 3 weeks ago

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