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Just a reminder that Americans are going to write the dialog to an coming of age anime. Also this aired over 20 years ago, are we still stuck here forever?

Any updates on this?
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>Americans are going to write the dialog to an coming of age anime.
>Also this aired over 20 years ago
But that's wrong.
Give a sauce for your statements. Just 'cuz Adult Swim's funding it doesn't mean they're gonna have any part in the script.
>Americans are going to write the dialog
a japanese playwright is already confirmed as the script writer

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Here it comes, count down time to another vile episode of IBO. This is gonna suck.
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makes you think
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But IBO is great. In fact the Gundam name is starting to weigh it down.

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Alright, just finished watching Bakemonogatari. Somebody explain to me what this was all about. I'm finna watch Nisemonogatari next.
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Personally, I've watched them in chronological order and not airing order. Made a lot more sense to me contextually, anyway.
Why would you do that?
I've been thinking for about 10 minutes and I cant really say what is about.

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Chapter 5-2
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Leave a reply if you see any errors.
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Would you drink this?
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who wouldn't?
but what if she had space aids
I would use that for lube

will the 4th movie be out during my lifetime?
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Why does Mari look so out of place?
because she is
>4th movie will come out

Join the half life 3fags or that shits gonna turn out like berserk did

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Recommendation threads belong on the worksafe request board.


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How do we get boobies back in mainstream anime?
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Convince nip parents watching mainstream anime with their kids that it's okay for anime girls to show off their titties, and that it's not meant to be simply fan-/fapservice for lonely male teenagers and adults.

The last part about it might be the most difficult thing to achieve. It will probably even be impossible, because showing bare titties in anime is always meant to be fapservice.
Japans censors porn and you think you can get nipples back on air? Not even guys get them
wasn't like that in the 80s and 90s when these women were growing up.

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oi somebody wake up tanaka
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Nah, let him sleep.
Both the OP and ending of Tanaka-kun were high levels of comfy imo. Also loved the art style
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Okusan 36 chapter dump.

Last chapter dump here. Some other dude is translating it now, and he's way faster than we are. He will be the new harbinger of the titty wife.
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According to Google Trends. Does Japan have good taste?
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And here are new Twitter followers in the past month.
Still won't bring the game back online.

Do you have a Pyuko?
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The majority of current /a/ would be terrified at the thought of trying to build a PC despite how simple it is.
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>Tfw no Pyuko
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The fact that most of /a/ wrote this show off despite it being fucking hilarious is criminal.

So, I wanted to start reading JoJo's but there are so many volumes and different arcs. Where should I start from? Which of the 8 parts is best?
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>Where should I start from
Part 1 Volume 1 Chapter 1
Start with the 2012 anime. Don't listen to the mangafags who claim that early jojo is better in manga form than anime.
Start with whicever you feel you would like better. If you're an animefag watch the entire anime and if you still want more start reading the manga.
But everyone, including myself, would recommend reading the manga from part one, even if you have watched the anime first.

If you're a mangafag start reading from the first chapter without watching the anime.

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Thinking what we think. Also more suffering.
punished croissant
Poor Mana.

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She is too sexy
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I wouldn't take responsibility
Lewding Kanna is against the rurus
To be fair, she is a kindergartner

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