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Thick girls are the best types of girls.
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Quit lying OP. You don't like Tio because she's thick. You just like her for her loving personality. :^)
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Alright, you got me. Anyone would be lucky to have such a loving companion. Tio would be the perfect Tank/Healer combo if you went on a quest with her. Why can't I go on an adventure with Tio?

Read the meme http://buyfags/moe

Don't ask questions
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Anyone have this Homu? The OP picture makes her look gorgeous, but I'm not sure about the pose. Thinking of picking up her and Mami to go with Madoka.
What are the odds of a fig bought second hand having been hot glued?

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ITT: Your favorite anime MCs

Pic related is Azusa, the main character from the smash hit 'Light Music Club'
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Miu from Strawberry Marshmallow
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Light Turner from Death Note
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Akari, the main character from Yuru Yuri!

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its hatespeech, so its banned.
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Is Horriblesubs finally ded?

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Read the guide before asking dumb questions to your buyfriends!
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Anybody else collect doujinshis?
ye i have a couple

show me yours
That might be my first Miku. I love short hair with punky twintails, dfc, midriff, armpits and zr. It's like that figures was designed for me.

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Jesus Christ why was the anime so shit?
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Rushed VN adaptations where they haphazardly cram content in are rarely ever good.
Turns out that it takes actual skill to adapt someone elses story and make it both unique and good. Most people, even established people in the business, don't have that skill. This is why 90% of everything is bad.
its not like the VN was any timeless masterpiece either.

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Please describe this child.
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kys pedo shitter stop making the same thread everyday
Strong back and a sturdy body.
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Criminally cute but technically speaking legal

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Where were you when Madoka became FGO

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>not available in your country
okay but why

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How would you describe these two onis?

[spoilers]New chapter out[/spoilers]
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I want to dick Rem while she puts her horn up Ram's ass.
potato and clowned
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>it's an episode where they introduce a cute side character just to have her killed off later to show how bad the bad guys are
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Are you thinking of Taboo Tattoo there, OP? Except she was a lead rather than a side character, but still.
I wish they had done that to Maki. Then maybe Love Live would have been good
Fuck you too, meng

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So uh, how old is Aqua?

She's a goddess right? Couldn't she be hundreds of years old? Was she even "born" or did she just come into being with her current appearance?

Previous Thread:>>153271500
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>previous thread
>previous thread
Are these flat out generals now?
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Is it fine if I bully a Aqua???
She is shit

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Seitokai Yakuindomo

Anyone remember which chapter had that one scene in the manga where Aria feel down the stairs and then Shino asked if she was okay. And she replied with "I'm fine, it just got pushed in a little further."
Which implied she was wearing a buttplug at school.

I for the life of me can't find the page.
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Take the redpill.
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I'll take the red pill if you take the cyanide pill.
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fuck it man lets just do an m n m bowl
is there list somwhere explaining what each color means. theres so fucking many pills these days i cant keep up

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Hello anime dudes! Today when coming into school I noticed some of my classmates joking about a picture like this (yes, they're the type to look at this stuff at school). I only caught a quick glimpse of it and this is what I remember with my limited anime power level.

Would anyone happen to have the full version of this? I want to show it to my friends who do watch anime since they would probably get a chuckle out of it.
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milk bump

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don't mind me, just using /a/ as a notepad while I figure out how megumin's hat works.
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Keep posting
I believe it works the same way as that blue ball in her staff - magic.

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