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>skill hunter
Just once I'd like to see a manga where the MC thinks he's in a isekai with JRPG mechanics, but actually he's in a videogame, and everyone makes fun of him for thinking he's in a parallel world because it's clearly a videogame.
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>AGI 3000
Did they add an extra 0 by accident?
Nope, he went full agility. never go full agility
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wow, this was really good.
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Isnt this the anime that gets memed in the truck-kun threads?
Main series subs never

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Say something nice about Usuka
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She has nice collarbones.
RIP moot

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ursula thread please i need more of her
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Anyone got more of these?
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Reminder that Umaru opening passed 10 million views

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She's so CUTE
Reminder that meme hamstershit will NEVER get another season
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Reminder that Sheer Heart Attack was underutilized and bullied by Duwang Kira.

At least Sea Kira gave him a chance.
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Sea Kira > Duwang Kira
>filename not 'SheerPart8ack'
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>Joseph faps to a hot lady who turns out to be his mom
>Years later his daughter makes awkward incest jokes at his expense
>Weather Report

Why is JoJo so incestuous?

Keep trying to watch Sailor Moon. But have to stop every 15 seconds to take a screenshot.
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Shit show, watch CCS instead
Sailor Moon is fun, and CCS doesn't last forever. And they feel different, you don't get the same experience.

They're both good shows dummy. Don't say stuff like that because it just makes people look at CCS negatively.

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Would you watch a remake of Bokurano? What studio would you want to do it?
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Rather watch a sequel instead
Yes, probably. The original anime was good, and if it were more faithful to the manga, that would be interesting to see. The original anime dragged on a bit too much about the secret government people and guns, so if they toned that down a bit it would be great

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Could he beat Beerus/Champa?
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He can't even beat Trunks.
Up until they fused into Cheers
Yes, as long as the fusion doesn't become untangled.

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ara ara or yare yare?
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If Holly was the MC?
yara yara

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Does it bother anyone else that Beerus and Champa are the same species while everyone else is different
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They are fucking brothers you dumbfuck.
>fucking brothers

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>[SeiyaAnon] Saint Seiya TV 001-010
In this batch of episodes, my dumb mistakes have been fixed, Shiryu faces some spooky skeletons, and I get better raws. I might scrub the movies at some point, so keep a look out.
Disclaimer: These are scrubs of older fansubs from various different groups. Some inconsistency in terminology and naming is to be expected. I've done my best to smooth out the translation, and fix the Dub localizations that were present in a lot of them.
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As always, report any problems you find in the thread.
I'm hoping to have the rest of the Black Saints arc out by the end of the weekend, so stay tuned for that.
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Thanks anon, I don't think i'll be getting it because I like the manga but still, nice work.

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ITT: girls who did nothing wrong.
I'll start.
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Take your favourite garupan to the beach and pick her a swimsuit that's a different style to the one she wears in canon.
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My waifu and I like to go to the beach.
Different style than in the show.
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