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Araragi isn't a lolicon is he?

Sure he licks and sucks on Hachikuji, but since he says it's just a joke he definitely isn't one right?
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That's exactly what my uncle said to the cops.
How do you ironically fap to something?

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Don't bully Beato
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Can I marry Beato?
What's good in this show?
nothing, it's shit

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What will her exercise lead to?
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Weight loss.
Her leg leaving the solar system.
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Not a goddamn thing, because pic related happened.

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Kobayashi - man with a pussy.
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She's a very cute man.
We got tired of futa.
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Just because she's your typical generic, boring, betamax faggot MC but genderswapped, no need to impugn her womynhood.

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Can we talk about the spider goddess Kumo? What's her new form going to look like? What new abilities did she gain from that drake fight? Where the hell do the fucking raws come from?
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I downloaded the manga because of your last thread, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.
read the ranobe

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This is your girl for today
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Looks like HS release today is delayed since the episode is hardsubbed on CR for some reason.
Any quizzes going on?
question: why is that anime not popular?

I've been wondering for a while now, is there a reason why Megumin has a bandaged leg?
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I roughed her up last night. Bent her over a lot of things. Made sure to take care of her leg.
It looks cool and is cheaper than real clothes. Cheaper as in she probably found it in a trash.
She just wears random shit to make herself look cool. She is a13 year old child after all.

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After rewatching K-ON!, Mugi really is an underrated character, I love how she really wants to do normal things and everyone thinks she's weird because of it, can we have a mugi appreciation thread?
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She's too cute.
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She was basically a background character in the manga who originally had a joke around her being a yuri shipper. KyoAni totally fleshed out her character, best exemplified in the Summer Classes! episode (my favorite of the series, because it's when Mugi became my waifu )
I liked her less the second time through. she seemed more like a plot device, providing the money and being overly interested in any proposed activity.

though the Strawberry theft was one of the best scenes in the show

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What's this guy's problem?
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Even when speccing my dudes for agility+damage with damage/crit stickers, running in circles waiting for them to use a special so I can hit them once and knock off a sliver of their health lest they take off a quarter of mine in one hit gets old quick.

Remember furi? That was a pretty cool game where the bosses took hitstun from your melee attacks but evaded or blocked them frequently instead of sitting there and then smacking you for 1/2 your health with a special move that the player can only use once in a blue moon. Sure boss specials have shit framedata but I can think of a couple (index's sheol fear or whatever) that are fucking stupid as hell.

It's not difficult but it isn't fun or even that intuitive either. You frequently compare this game to dark souls but in dark souls the boss either has EXTREMELY laggy moves or takes hitstun from heavier hits, allowing you to combo them effectively until your own stamina runs out.
He's a fucking psychopath.
Lack of black coffee.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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No, you will not.
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I wanna fuck Balalaika so badly.
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Yes, her scars should feel interesting to the glans of a penis.
No, she fucks you. She does the fucking. Not the other way around.
Imagine slapping your dick so hard that her scars open up again

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What's Rock-sion? Also, what's the purpose of the future sending espers to the past?
is rock-sin popular in the future because hina created it in the past? this is some time paradox bullshit.
>purpose of the future sending espers to the past?
avoid responsibility, like dumping your WMD into some random cave to avoid letting anyone find out.

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Overrated and uneventful
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Dragon Ball since Freeza in a nutshell.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
No. I've never seen anyone praise it. At best people rate it as dumb but entertaining.

reifags will defend this degeneracy
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They will also deny she was fucking Gendou behind the scenes, at least Rei I was.
No message in EoE but "fuck you."
The child one? I always took Gendou's taste to be a bit more mature.

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Could Zamasu have brought them victory?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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Preview Reminder

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