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Are delinquents actually a thing in japan? Or only in anime?
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They used to be. Banchou-style delinquents died off in the 80s, today its more western punk style.
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You tell me anon. The ones you see like in your OP pic were relatively active during the 50s and 60s
That silly hair probably isn't.

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Why do yuri anime never get discussed on /a/ outside of when they air?
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Because there is a dedicated yuri board.
The Madoka, YuruYuri, Yuyushiki etc generals all went cancerous as hell. I'm happy for every moment we get where these faggots take a break from shitposting.
Because yuri is cancer and fucking shity trash. It's pure aids.

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Where can I get the data of mangaupdates? They don't dump their database and provide no api. The entire thing is a closed system and the site is egly as fuck. No clue who runs it as well
I tried to run a web scraper but they had put limits on their site so it won't work without further work and money.
Does anyone know of any other similar sources of data ?
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limit means first 50 pages
mangaupdates is one big mystery, honestly, no one knows how it runs, who runs it and how it has escaped being shut down considering it's a critical piece of any manga reader, there's no way I can manage my 1500+ manga reading list without it.
We usually keep database dumps here:

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BHC (Big Hanma Cock).jpg
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Was it rape?
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Some of the most retarded manga art I've ever seen. And some people think One Piece's art style is ugly. At least it looks cartoon-like.
He nailed Hillary, though
show me the next page so I can confirm

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Honestly tho, why are people so obsessed with this show? The fandom is at MLP levels of obsession and I just don't seem to get it.
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Anime brainwashes through persuasiveness. Didn't you cucks get the memo?
imo, its really well made, the plot, music, characters, development, everything that a good anime needs, jojo possesses it. so basically thats why people enjoy the series (cause fucc the manga is amazing too) and become obsessed with it, memes and the fan base take a really high place in their obsession too desu kek
The manga is fucking garbage and has horrible incoherent art

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She went for it
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Good for her.
Fuck off, phonefag.
She's got cute hands, legs, hips and lips.

Name a better love interest or main female character you can't
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Needs more boobs
Anon, Ochako is too precious for this world.
If she were to become real the world would simply end because it can't handle the pureness.

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When they see your new game
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Aoba's drawing > Kou's drawing
Damn suits don't know their shit.
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New Game-06.jpg
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Say something nice to my wife Aoba, she tried really hard.
Why did Kou reject Aoba?

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How can you tell if Rin likes you?
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If you are you, she doesn't.
If you can feel her using her feet to play with your cock.

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Premimu Ochaco.png
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Let's enrich our Ochacollections with Premium Ochacos.
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sleepy uraraka.png
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Can we have a thread with minimal shipping for once?
of course not
posts like these will just encourage more of it
how many episodes is this season supposed to be? i keep expecting a finale, yet every week its new shit

Hiryuu where the fuck is kakegurui at?
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It takes them 3 days or more. Just wait or watch a different sub group's.
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>waiting for memesubs
Hiryuu's releases are shit. Watch raws and have the manga transcript right next you.

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and here we observe the wild anime girl in her natural habitat
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Deconstruction of the Isekai genre.

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You should be able to solve this /a/.
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the apples have different stems and some have leaves
there's a deeper mathemetical equation going on here, we just need to determine what the variable for the stem represents
>she speaks in fruit
>in fruit
She clearly just speaks in apple.

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I want to show Iino the wonders of anal.
Does she exist only to suffer?
Iino is the interpretation of lewdness in one body. She's lewd Jesus

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And why he is this fucking guy.

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that guy is the second most annoying character though
I honestly laughed out loud in the scene where he took a elbow to the chest. Dude is so over the top that you can't help but like him.
I'm in the minority but I find him super annoying. In real life people would be calling him try-hard and cringy.

The elbow to the stomach was pretty funny though.

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