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ITT describe anime/manga poorly and others try to guess. Try to be as vague as possible but still so specific it can refer only to single series

>People are in a hurry to save a girl before she becomes literal shit
>Jesus bullies a girl by breaking her stuff
>Hairy non-Japanese boy looks like a little girl in loose adaption
>Girl leaves home and gets slapped a lot
>Series finale is a man punching an old guy really hard
>Series finale is a man slapping an old guy with a piece of clothing really hard
>An uncommon, ugly looking hat causes a lot of drama among small children
>Mc-bowl is resolved in semi-canon (?) supplementary material that still causes arguments
All are from different works.
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JC Jesus tries to destroy the 12 realms of existence.
/a/ tough it was AOTY until episode 6
>Killing yourself irl gives you the change to meet cute girls in old buildings
>Ugly man makes really shitty life choices but is still universally liked by fanbase
>People just want to go to Japan but railway officials constantly get on their way

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Do you think Spicer likes any new /a/ stuff, or just old /m/ stuff?
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Fuck off.

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>OST by Kenji Kawai
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>OST by Joe Hisaishi

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Chinese anime movie coming up in 2018 guys


what hopes do you have for this?
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0 (Zero).

this is animay
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Taiwanese Hand Puppets.
with nip seiyuu, nip composers and nip directors
And nip puppets, nip writing, nip production.

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How come there aren't any proper monster/kaiju anime these days? I miss Syfy monster cheese in my anime which hasn't been seen since the mid 00s.
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Anime is lacking but a cool Kaiju manga is Hakaijuu, the translations are extremely slow.

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fuck you asukafags
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This is the best way to prevent him from derailing the thread with his meta bullshit. Spread this.
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i'd bump asuka if you know what im saying
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Who is KyoAni's best written character, objectively?
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I've been watching anime since the mid-eighties. I saw Macross before Robotech finished airing here. I had 4th generation bootleg betamax tapes of Armor Hunter Mellowlink. I watched every Brave series as they aired. I lived in Yokohama for ten years and waited IN QUEUE for the laserdisc release of the original To Terra. I've had lunch with Kunihiko Ikuhara and smoked a cigarette with Watanabe after a Seat Belts show. I've done it all. I've seen it all. I am a qualified expert.

Maid Dragon is THE greatest anime I have ever seen. Bar none. This is where the medium has been going since day one. From the very first cel, it was all leading to Maid Dragon.

A metaphor for the immigrant experience covering humanistic and social themes such as systematic sexism, family, loneliness, individuality and fitting in with society's expectations, this show will go down in history. It will change anime in a way not seen since Shogoki took her first steps in NGE.
>KyoAni's best written character
Kyoani didn't write her though.

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Never forget.
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Figure soon
*thunderous brrrrrraaaaaaap*

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Why are there literally no flat mothers
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Because tits are maternity itself, and mothers are, you know, mothers.
Because japanese people don't understand how breasts work.
Flat women are not actually women, so they can't have children.

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What went wrong?
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Let's be honest, he never made anything good.
>numerous well known and acclaimed manga
>had made a huge impact on anime & manga as a whole
>never made anything good

I wanna FUCK a dragon.
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Me too.
Kanna is NOT for lewd!
How much does it cost per week to hire her? I would imagine she's gotta be like $2-3k per month.

How many of you would've passed on this show if it wasn't for the Anna rape attempt?

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I probably would have. Anna's shenanigans were the only thing that got me through the show when the jokes and plot started to run dry.
I would watch a season 2 just to see her continued efforts and scream when she loses.

Which Minami would you ke?
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For what? I don't want to fuck Kana, she's a good girl and she belongs to Fujioka.
You can have Mako-chan.

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I'll start with a classic
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He is chaotic fucking awesome.
yes but him doing things such as cutting off his hand and replacing it with junko's is morally questionable at best
Literally ruined because it was all brainwashing bullshit, along with every other member of class 77.

He only really becomes morally ambiguous when placed in a situation like the killing game, or being aware of someone trying to start shit like Junko.

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