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It's been a few years but do any of you /a/nons know if we'll ever any any more Zettai Karen Children?
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I stopped reading when they introduced the new kid because he's so goddamn boring.
I wish. The Unlimited has potential for a sequel, given how the story ended, but even if it sold decently, nobody's going to take risks.
Would you say the manga is worth picking up still despite it falling off later on?

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Post used up whores
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pic unrelated
pic very related
pic somewhat related

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Subs eventually, Tiny chariot needs to find her yay
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best girl
best pits
Ursula getting her Yay fucked away when?
>You will never lobotomize Ursula
>You will never watch her wake up after the operation, her deadened eyes looking around yet not understanding what she sees
>You will never help her calm down after she gets frustrated at not comprehending things she could before, although she lacks the mind to know what she's lost
>You will never start helping feed and wash her as she sinks deep into her new life
>You will never hear her thoughtlessly giggle as you wash her down every day before bed
>You will never help her stay clean as she eats, as she's been dumbed down enough to not understand how utensils work
>You will never frequently release her sexual tension as she moans like an animal in heat to help keep her stress low
>You will never give her headpats, hugs, and extra orgasms as prizes for good behavior
>You will never tuck her into bed every night, watching her sleep as preparation for the next bright new day

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Botan is the best girl, prove me wrong.
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Shit I had nightmares from this when I was a kid
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Has anyone forgot about best boi
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My dick hasn't
What does his anus taste like?
>Has anyone forgot about best girl (male)

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ITT we post Senjougahara
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I don't want to.

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Are the translated books good? I am considering buying them, but if the translations are garbage I dunno if I wanna.
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it reads like a normal book
They fix the translation in later prints so it is.

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February 11th, 1984
"The Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer movie premieres. It is arguably the most popular out of all the UY films. Reviews on the film, which featured a new storyline not written by Takahashi, met both negative and positive reviews and was a financial success nonetheless.

Based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi"

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It's february 13th
love this shit

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This is Nozomi Sakurai. Say something nice about her.
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She has a sexy best friend.
Nice tie.

Seiren is secretly actually AOTS its aim is to show us that a faggot beta MC will realistically never have a happy ending.
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I'm going to drop this if he next episode isn't good. You heard it here first.
I do think it is designed to get otaku to fuck so as to do something about the population problem. unfortunately it's having a drastic negative effect instead.

>that's right a shoot-on-sight order has been issued for me
>they're on sight
>they aren't shooting at her
This show is really making my neurons fire.
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That's not what she said originally, she said Central now wants her head
The translation was shit, Viz being Viz
Did she give Central her head?
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Yet another reason to learn nipponese.

How hard can it be to translate stuff like a non-retard?

Why are they so gay?
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Yaya is thinking queer thoughts
Because everyone loves japanese schoolgirls.
I still wonder what would have necessitated this

Maybe it's just me but I'm not really enjoying S2. Yotaro just feels like such a 1-dimensional character after seeing every facet of Kiku's life, relationships and development in S1.

What do you guys think of it?
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I'm watching it for the smug Yakumo faces.
we caught a glimpse of him when he was airing his grievances with the mob boss.

that was pretty good.
>Yotaro just feels like such a 1-dimensional character
Just because he's not a tortured soul like Kikuhiko doesn't make him one dimensional.
He's the perfect guy to turn the dark past from season 1 around into a happy ending. His relationship with Yakumo, Konatsu and Rakugo is amazing.

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is no one watching or did I already miss the thread?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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