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>it's a Yamcha episode
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it's a yamcha episode alright
Yamcha is just a gag character without gag power.
>Wolf Fang Fist

His power became a gag due to power ranking updates.

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Japan please make more anime like these.

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Kouhai - Konbini - Gym - Dentist?
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Glad you heard my request, Japan.

Am I the only cunt that watches this to have a good laugh? I'm a virgin gets me everytime. Takes me back to the first time I watched school days, so retarded its funny.
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Episode 1 is the best one.
>I'm a virgin gets me everytime

Why do you need to tell us about your personal life?
You're not the only one, but you sure are a cunt.

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Its me! Satchi! Hovering through your neighborhood, stalking your elementary school aged child. Seriously this thing was weird as fuck.
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I don't remember anything about that show. What was the plot?
This show was so good. I really loved it. Shame it sort of came and went without making much of a splash over here.
The plot is actually pretty relevant to the current times which is impressive considering it came out in 07'. It takes place in a near distant future were AR is used by everyone via goggles. It spent eight years in production and you can tell because the world building is incredibly fleshed out, its all very believable.

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when do u think one piece fans will accept that oda ruined this show 150-250 ago?
watched it once either because i liked it and didnt stop because i thought oda just had no ideas at the moment and that he will might return to older greatness, although i knew it got a fault after the great pirate war, but he just doesnt, he completely leaves characters behind and pushs his favourites so badly and abuses cliches too damn hard
any other anime where shit like that happened so badly?
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Probably never.
OP has been terrible from the start
>this show
>watched it

Is it too late to get into One Piece? How long would it take to catch up, realistically?
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Depends on how fast you can read. If you're stupid enough to watch the anime it would take over ten whole days of continuous watching.
Don't be a spee d. reader. Take your time to digest the story and enjoy the ride. The story is long from being over and you'll catch up in due time.
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Anime is good up until after Enies Lobby.

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Can I sue Japan for wasting their designs?
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>tfw the shitty Okada anime killed the franchise
It wasn't very good to be honest. Okada has done worse.
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Blunder of the Century.jpg
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Why is Shibashiba Shiba so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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Why is JC Staff so shit? They ruined the entire anime.
Why is Hiro so shit? He ruined the whole website!
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why are you bullying her? she's done nothing wrong

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Was it good?
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Yes. Too bad discussion of it has been reduced to shitty memes like this.
The show itself was a meme. Fuck off.

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Happy Birthday, Sanya's girlfriend.
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i am monitoring this thread
Happy birthday.
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Who すごーい here?
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Her bangs are very misleading.
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>No matter how far apart, our Master will call for us to have fun.
>To comply with our instincts and have tanoshii...
>That is the fate of Friends.
>I will fight fate.
>And win.
>That is your response, Kaban-chan?
>You should continue living amongst Friends.
>Where are you going?
>Where we cannot meet.
>Where we cannot contact each other.
>That should be good enough.

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Lots of exposition lately, what do you think?
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Loving it.
If you've read the advanced raws you'd know that we have some amazing chapters ahead of us.
Do you have links?
Apparently Enyru shows up?

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Manga/anime drawn in a different style thread
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This is a Japanese gorilla.
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This is King Arthur.
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Shitogay is the ugliest gorilla I have ever seen.

What Dandelion do you want to Joukamachi?
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Today I will remind them.
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New chapter when?
All of them. Preferably at the same time.

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