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Most old anime is overrated crap worshiped by nostalgia-glasses wearing manchilds.
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Yes, and?
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K-ON is objectively better than Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It is the most sophisticated anime ever created; a tour de force, the pièce de résistance of animation! LoGH is little more than plebeian dreck in comparison, its creators wishing they could have produced an anime with even an inkling of the genius contained within Our Holy K-ON. From the profound debates about eating cake, to the highly philosophical discussions about procrastination, to the marvelous musicianship exhibited by the Light Music Club, K-ON has established itself as the greatest intellectual anime. You cannot disagree unless you are a terrible person. Seriously. It's an infallible law of the universe. K-ON is a masterpiece, and we all know that K-ON has the superior tea scenes.

"A phenomenal chef-d'oeuvre. My fifteen years of work on Evangelion now feel trivial by comparison." — Anno Hideaki, esteemed anime director

"During a time of struggle, K-ON's beautiful story provided the influence needed for me to make America great again. I am now a better man." — Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States

"I am an uncultured lowborn with pedestrian tastes in anime." — Anonymous plebeian, speaking in reflection of his love for LoGH
I'm only going to watch the 2017 version of LOGH and pray that it's identical to the original.

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MEN are best shingekis
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Fantastic taste!
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The best taste
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How can two MEN be so perfect?

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Can we get a reaction thread going on?
bonus points for confused girl reactions
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Interview with Swim Swim coming soon. Who's excited?
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Would Quake be torn between preying on Swim2 and Tempest?
>top girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
Reminder that if Tama fucked everything up by not letting Cranberry kill Swim.

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I feel like I don't quite understand what's happening anymore. Am I just retarded?
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>Sakuya wearing the new meme sweater

Is this a new chapter? I dig it.
Hata is the retarded, don't worry.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Thanks doc.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I don't like it
but I love you all

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Demon Prince Poro's Diaries by Hitsuji Gondaira
U19 chapter 2 by Yuji Kimura
We Never Learn chapter 3 (last one from Viz) Taishi Tsutsui

Will be dumped here.

Poro's art is cute, but I dunno. While paging through it I wasn't feeling it much. Anyway, let's read this stuff.

Boku no Hero Academia >>153714245
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Survey for voting: http://www.viz.com/wsj-survey

Three more new series to come. Next week is Hungry Marie, by the guy who made Beelzebub.
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>Valentine's chapter on 69
What did Numa mean by this
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Post moar.
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Wat is the appeal of OLs ?
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God bless Oda Non
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the appeal is right there
Not so much the OLs but the uniform. Pencil skirt accentuates your hips. Which urges me to impregnate them more.

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Please tell me that they won't end up together
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They fugged in the latest chapter
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He'll end up with Hisako
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They will end up together

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Its coming to America boys, April 7.
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Holy fuck. What size are her boobs?
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All 3 parts?
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New Shingeki no Bahamut short, starring Jeanne and Kaisar.


Christmas Cake Jeanne is ugly as fuck.
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Thanks, I forgot about there are shorts.
>tfw cant understand most of the conversation
Dope credit music though.
Amira gone for good because muh new main character. Jeanne old and battered and can't swing a sword anymore. I kinda forgot with the passage of time why I was excited about virgin soul.

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Are humans the only race without shit taste?
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They only care about looks.
Also, source? Not even yandex is giving me a result.
Humans have strange misconceptions of Elves.

just finished this.....what now?
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You quit watching anime. It's done. That was it's pinnacle and you'll never find a more masterpiece work of art than that one. Bye now.
fuck, it's the first anime series I've completed start to finish
Go jerk off to Asuka, Rei, Misato, or any combination of the three

Have you had a nice bakuretsu today?
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We already have a Megumin Monday thread, fellow explosion-loving anon. Read the catalog, okay?

>1 day and 3 hours ago
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Corrected, superior version.

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