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>first decent episode
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Second decent, don't forget Satania episode last week.
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Why is Vigne so shit? She ruined the whole episode!

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How will Berserk end?
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i hope miura dies before he finishes it so i can feed off all the tears from you retards
>implying it will end
Judging by the way Miura is now probably Guts will forgive Griffith and become best friends again.

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I think every anime has its merit, and I am grateful for every show I get a chance to watch. Life is great!
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I'm glad to hear that, dumb frogposter.
Then you haven't watch Mars of Destruction. I envy your naivety
Dumb frogposter.

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>The Berserk game ends with the boat.

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What do they "know"?
That the manga was stuck there until after the deadline for the game's plot?
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I keep asking where the game ends at /a/ and /v/ nobody answers

Finally thanks
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What is nyanko? I can't seem to remember
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a cat
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Why aren't there anymore episodes out that are available and subbed?

This shit is the greatest thing ever and more exciting to watch along with reading their manga.
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Your inability to take screenshots is hurting your own thread, mobile poster.

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just got all caught up with dubbed Super on Toonami
>BoG movie
>Beerus slaps Bulma, Vegeta chimps out and decks him in the face

>Beerus slaps Bulma, Vegeta spends the last minutes of the episode screaming and powering up while the entire supporting cast gets reaction shots

Thanks for reminding me why I stopped bothering with Toei series.
So why do you all still watch'It?
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>watching dubs
>this meme again

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>character looks slow
>actually moves super fast
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Just finished re:zero, thoughts on it?

Also why was he transported in the first place? Im guessing its just part of the story, to put a somewhat average kid in a fantasy setting, but its like a huge plot hole. And why does the mc seem to be so forgetful of his situation and powers? This might be the only time restart story where the mc is so unhinged and irrational.
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Main characters in isekai stories are typically retarded because the author is.
We don't know why he was transferred there, but the author seems to be building up to the answer in the later webnovels.
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Because the anime cut scenes, and the scenes that existed were watered down. As well as they removed almost all inner monolouges or inner though of all characters. Subaru was hit the hardest out all all that's mentioned which made him look inconsistent and irrational. Also the reason why he was isekai'd in a spoiler so I won't mention that.

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What did KyoAni mean by this?
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It's lesbianism, I ain't gotta explain shit.
Russian US relationship for the last 60 years
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All the ways you wish you could be, that's Shinka.
She looks like you wanna look, fucks like you wanna fuck.
She is smart, capable, and most importantly, she is free in all the ways that you are not.

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So, did you rike the changes?
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It was the first Gantz media I've ever watched so I wouldn't have noticed
Gantz sucks
I want to see more, they finally found the perfect way to adapt gantz.

Are you excited?
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>excited about fairy tail

lol no

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That looks hilarious out of context.

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ITT: Great anime songs for osu!

I'll start: Angelic Break Beats
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save it for friday newfag
>tfw no other place to properly discuss osu! outside of /a/
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DT takes no skill.

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>MC says "my body just kinda moved on its own"
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>loli says "my hips are moving on their own"
Yes underage fag, this is a real thing. Some boxers for instance will instinctively throw certain punches from the various combinations they've learned without much thought
It's also common for musicians

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