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Worlds end new chapter

He's listening to his dick
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What did she mean by this?
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women think broad backs are cool/attractive.

see pic related.
He's grown up into a man.
Ed's visual progression from a scrawny little boy to a slightly short but well toned hunky young man.

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What are your predictions for the new When They Cry series that begins this year?
Will it be eight episodes long?
Will it take place in the 80s?
Will there be any returning characters from Higurashi or Umineko?
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I'm sorry, anon-kun. We don't really know anything yet except that When They Cry 5 is planned and will begin this year, presumably at the August or December Comiket.
Will the original OP singer do the OPs again?
>tfw I met her in Japan when I went there last year

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They do the sand dance, don't you know?

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Your love interest is a SLUT.
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Sluts are many people's love interests.
Why do they all look the same?
tsuneki is so cute

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hai kazuma desu
I want to pump Megumin full of aphrodisiacs and just let her loose
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ITT: You hear it, you lose
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/a/ pls
Already lost fuck you OP.
You are already lost

Why is it called Sisters if the best girl is their mom?
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Best girl always gets the short end of the stick.
Is this a new scene or is this just a cg in game
new jellyfish game when? their animation is absolutely amazing

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If they just put the word "grisly", then this could have worked. Once Raphi makes it clear that she meant "a kuma" instead of "akuma", then the subs can have "grisly" get changed to "grizzly" like the bear.
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You really had to post this didn't you?
I'm really fucking pissed about this.
Whatever the translation, you need to admit Raphiel is a comedic genius. A beary demonic comedic genius.

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Real or fake?
Which is better?
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Real and only mentally ill people like fake
Fake that make you think they're real+.
The only excuse for fake is if she's a cyborg

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>this scene
Oh god my heart, Mine is too cute.
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How did she made children with dragon tough?
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Works every time
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>best girl is alive and well and won dragon dick
>Esdeath is ded

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I know /a/ hates Girlish Number more than life itself, but you have to admit that the opening was damn good.
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There are good reasons to hate life though.
I don't. Chitose was the girl of 2017.
It's catchy and I listen to it frequently but objectively the OP was only okay at best. I prefer the ED, although the full version of the ED is rather bad.

Also, pretty sure GN is quite well-liked here. It's even why people kept writing songs for Chitoge.

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BEST opening of the season

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Sorry mate, this exists:
Wrong again.
I 200% agree fampai.

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Is this worth finishing? I'm on episode 10 and it's sort of boring. Feels weird since they do a different story every couple episodes and it's just boring slice of life until someone goes crazy
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You sound new to anime. Are you?
No, but it feels very disjointed. Maybe I'm not in the mood for it but it seemed like it would've scratched an itch for a mystery in a small village. Something along the lines of Shiki or Shinsekai Yori, but the episodic nature and reset every time they start a new arc is throwing me off
Read the manga or VN

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have we discussed this yet? I haven't seen an announcement besides the chapter that was just scanlated.
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You're the very first person to even mention it here.
There have been a few threads dedicated to it, and it's been talked about a little in the weekly live tl threads, yeah.
Overall, expectations and interest seem kinda low.
>the chapter that was just scanlated
Just in case you missed it, OP, chapters 129 and 130 were typeset and released together.
Don't want you to miss out on that moe moe Toda.

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