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Why are "adventurer guilds" in fantasy anime and manga so nonsensical?

>Any random dumbfuck can walk off the streets and just sign up, even a ten year old child
>Unlike literally every other profession's guild, there is no such thing as an adventurer apprenticeship so you're just left to stumble around and figure it out
>In fact the guild does not provide new adventurers with anything even resembling training, equipment, supplies, or insurance
>So really the membership fees are just going to pad the pockets of the management

>Instead of focusing on their primary purpose (hunting monsters) they do random shit like putting up shelves, finding lost cats, gathering twenty verdant grasses, forging swords, and delivering packages
>Which probably infringes on other guilds' trades too
>It's not even adventuring, it's the bloody volunteer fire department/neighborhood watch/courier service/pet finder/toilet cleaner/hunter-gatherer/inane shit doer all rolled into one, you're basically a handyman

>Although the trade is so diverse, the jobs you are given are regulated only by rank from F to A, with no subclassification
>Which means jobs where you kill goblins are lumped in with jobs where you put up shelves even though they demand totally different skillsets
>Therefore as an average client who wants a hole in the roof fixed or a package to be delivered you have no way of guaranteeing that the adventurer who takes up your request can actually do it properly, unlike if you hired a professional

>The Guild is a monopoly employer so you have no control over your commission and the cut they take of your commission
>So you have to pay membership fees to the guild using money paid to you by the client, which the guild has already taken a cut of
>For the privilege of being allowed to have the guild act as the middleman between you and the client

I mean, what the fuck?
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The adventurer guild is a meme holdover from JRPGs where it serves as a convenient mission hub. It's used so the writer doesn't have to think about how a monster hunting economy works.
Play more videogames.
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What kind of a adventurer guild it is completely depends on the series. Grimgar for example did offer training for a single job, the rest the characters would have had to pay for themselves. Also I haven't seen many works where adventurer guild would ever do forging swords or stuffing shelves. As for the package delivery and gather shit, it's because adventurer guilds are basically people armed to teeth to fight against monsters, and since other guilds don't have to learn how to fight or go out themselves since they can send suicidal kids out in the field to do their dirty job, the adventurers would obviously get tasks like that.

Is it wrong to own doujins of your waifu?
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It's mandatory.
There were doujins of Bamboo Blade?
I literally cannot fap to my waifu, some kind of aversion happens and I have to look away.

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I need some hot opinions on this

I genuinely can't tell if I just saw a masterpiece, or just a cheesy shitshow

I've never been this confused about whether I liked something
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Big emotions. Makes you feel bigly.

Don't gotta be deep if it succeeds at exactly what it was going for.
Episode 1 looked so nice that I dropped it right away when it first came out so I could wait for the BD rips.

But then I never picked it back up.

According to /a/, I didn't miss anything worthwhile.
It's a very pretty show, both visually and with its classical music. The story is predictable, but if it makes you feel things then it did its job. Best not to blow it out of proportion by calling it a masterpiece.

It was good.

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Cute mom.
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Cute Nyankano.
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Nakanomom a cute
>Nakano ass

Is she absolutely sure she can't hear animals though? Maybe she can, but it's incomprehensible to the human mind.

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download (1).png
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Answer this argument for me please. I'm saying tokyo ghoul is edgy as fuck and my friend says it isn't because "people die and there are funny moments". Who's right?
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Both of you should kill themselves.
I've got to agree with this anon.
Will do!

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How long until this is revealed as being Annie's dad?

How long until ZYR?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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They are a cute couple.
LM soon.

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Why is Kyo so lewd?
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Kyo is lewder
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Long hair girls are always lewder than short hair. That's why long hair a best.

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Post your favorite OP this season.
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By far.
Even Zeno-sama will be blown away!

So can we all agree 1511 is canon?

Also new ep in 3 hours
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It's called being prison gay.
Which one has the biggest one?
>Nico gone edgy.
Fuck everything.

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Why is Shirou so fucking retarded? I mean, if he wasn't so dumb the whole war would be much easier for him. Also, his fast increasing magic abilities are bullshit and don't make any sense but I still enjoyed watching this show. So, what should I watch/play next? I've already watched Zero and want to know if the series gets better or worse after Stay Night and if the original VN is better than its adaptation.
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Read the fucking VN

Damn. This is even better the second time you watch it. 5 minutes into the first episode and I'm already breaking.
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Then maybe you need to watch better anime.
>watching this crap two times
It's just the OP.

Where can I read THIS?

And don't come saying the internet is full of them without links or proof.

Saint seiya spin-offs are scarce
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Shiori is the BEST saint seiya author

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How do you feel about black characters in anime/manga?

Do black /a/nons find it easier to self insert?
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Greatest love story ever told.
Bob in Binbogami Ga is a accurate black character.
no he's not because Bob prefers boobs to ass.

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Can you explain this bullshit to me┬┐?
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Epitaph lets him see 10 seconds into the future. King Crimson can "erase time" within those 10 seconds. Anything that wouldve harmed diavolo doesnt affect him, but all other effects happen as they would have.
it just works :^)

serious note, think of it as this way. You're going to get hit by a bullet.

There are 3 points in time:
>the moment where the bullet leaves the gun
>the moment where the bullet hits you
>the moment where the bullet leaves you

King Crimson is capable of erasing time, erasing the moment where you got hit by the bullet.

Meaning the bullet goes through you, but you dont get hit, because the moment in time where the bullet was supposed to hit you never happened.

Oooooor im completely wrong and im making a fool out of myself.
It just werks

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>character development
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Not only does /a/ generally use the term wrong, but I don't see why they seem to thinkevery character has to make some kind of change throughout a series for them to be good.
I think OP is trying to imply that characters should remain flat lest the show become DEEP and pseudo-intellectual fodder.
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That's stupid. We should just have a Shirobako thread, instead.

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