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We furries now.
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Fairy a cute as always but Yuuri looks disgusting and Victor looks retarded.
Victor looks like he's trying to embrace his fiance's culture with full optimism while Piggy knows its embarrassing as fuck.
What I meant is that they made Yuuri look once again like a 12 years old kid with down syndrome like Jesus Christ can they stop making him shorter than fairy when in canon he is still several cms taller.

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Is there any anime character who could defeat Chinatsu?
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China ain't shit
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Do you watch series' as they release with /a/?

Or do you wait until the season is over and watch it all in one go?

>tfw never watched a series as it was being aired
>tfw I can never participate in the fun threads
>tfw I cant get immersed in a show if I can only watch 23 minutes of it each week
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If it's fun I watch with /a/, if it becomes boring shit like Little Witch Academia, I wait for it to finish airing just because I don't drop anything ever.
shitposting with Tattun is half the fun of LWA, definitely recommended to watch as it airs
With shorts I have to wait until the series if over and watch it all at once. With regular series I watch them on a weekly basis.

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What is his best work?
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All of them
But if i have to choose one then Voynich Hotel
The Sidonia doujin.
Most OP character ever made?

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thoughts on killing stalking?
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Gross. Shit thread.

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When will Trigger make real anime again and not moeshit like LWA?
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Puffy Akko a qt.
LWA is the first good anime Trigger has made. Go watch JoJo if you want meme shit.

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>you lead a poor nomad's life, traveling city to city
>you take on random menial jobs with her, never staying more than a month
>she attention whores a lot with other people but is always faithful to you
>can't cook for shit, so you eat out all the time

>she refuses to get a job stating she loves explosions or something and that's the only job for her
>her chuunibyou always goes off when meeting people, possibly embarrassing you
>the sex is awesome and explosive
>actually cooks well and makes anything for you as long as you give her the money, but refuses to clean

>rich as fuck, never out of money
>she does however embarrass you in public and makes strange moans at the slightest remarks
>her father expects you to do business meetings and schmoozing with other rich families since Darkness is embarrassing
>great body but you practically have to do all the work during sex

Choose one.
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A life of nobility sounds fun but megumin is better
Real world scenario? Darkness. Always has money is too good to pass up. Can't embarrass me publicly if we never leave the house.

I'd always be thinking about Megumin though.

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Was Azunyan a mistake?
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A mistake for my penis.
Easily fixed with hard dicking

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Why do you all underrate this series so much? You'd honestly think something like this would be /a/'s wet dream yet you all treat is like SAO despite how good it actually is. Like honestly you're all going to praise a series like Flip Flappers and hate on NGNL? If you didn't have to pretend to be cool here on /a/ what would your honest thoughts on this series be?
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>/a/ is one person
I loved NGNL anon, no idea what you're talking about
It was shit with reddit humor and cancer visuals.
>*tips fedora*

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shiny chariot..png
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You guys have probably already talked about this, but is Professor Ursula Shiny Chariot in disguise? Her hair is even red in episode 6. I'm not the only one who thinks this, right?
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This is so retarded, it has to be bait.
Move along.
Dude, knowing that Ursula is Shiny Chariot is the same as knowing that Clark Kent is Superman at this point
>Clark Kent is Superman

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Comfy SoLs will always be the best genre
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For sleep deprived individuals perhaps.
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Of course.
Shoujo romance is the best

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How do you accept that the good parts of Medaka Box will never be animated?
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Because Gainax is dead.
Because studios will eventually just fuck up the adaptation
Because no one will sub it anyway especially the Jet Black Bride Arc.
That they were so good in the manga that they are complete even without animation, colors, or a soundtrack. Medaka Box is a series that is best as a manga, and my own personal opinion is that it is one of the best manga ever written, although I can understand how people whi didn't get it or how different tastes would disagree, it is extremely hit or miss. Either you get it or you just don't.
Every fucking day I make a blood sacrifice to Bones praying that at least the Minus Arc would get animated

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>yakuza boss turned into little girl
Has Japan gone too far?
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>The guy that made Midori Days, that old ass series about a dude getting a loli for a hand
You know what? I think I will read this shit. Thanks for telling me this.
Yeah that guy has something for weird as shit plots.
So far the story is pretty fun, can't wait for his(her?) classmates to find out he is an old dude.
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Does Pearla have the cutest eyes in the series?
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Tusk made in heaven when?
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Eyefag, are you gonna just spam eye panels all the time now?
Post female Jotaros. Don't ask.

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I will watch gunbuster for the first time to watch die buster after I'm in for a good trip ?
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Diebuster was better
Aaand why the fuck the mechas are flexing
Yep, you are. Get strapped in for some SUMISSSUUU and lotsa fun.

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