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Is the mcs voice actor a placeholder?
I'm excited.
Is this the sequel?

How can other studios even compete with KyoAni?
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They can't.

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Christ, you were right, /a/.
This shit was horrible.
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Nice tits though.
I liked it. Hated the ending though.

Tae destroyed the manga, the moment she appeared is the moment the autor made the manga his pedo fantasy and literally killing all women with big boobs.

The start of waifu faggotry

Waifufags always existed, but it was this back in 2002 that made it mainstream with the anime community.
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This is mai waifu. She's pretty great.
Not true. Wasn't it Evangelion that started the otakudom and waifu bollocks? Moe was what Azumanga started.
Sakaki a best

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Is there any point in watching the movies?
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Rebellion is the sequel; don't watch it if you're a faggot else it will be 2deep4u.
Just the last one.
Second one is pretty much a straight adaptation with more content

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Why is Kyoani obsessed with thick legs?
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maybe you should watch american cartoons nerd
Most of their animators are fat dykes so they dont know any better.
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Because they have patrician taste.

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Was Char the hero we deserved, the one we needed, or both?
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He was a faggot
Char is an asshole

>hated tenchi in tokyo as a kid
>rewatch it for the first time in 20 years
>it's takes the piss out of the other tenchi series and correctly identifies everything that would go wrong with ova 3
>it's also fucking hilarious

give it another chance /a/
it's glorious
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Tenchi series anime most of the time become SOL than battle shounen.
>give harem shit a chance
No thanks. It had its chance, then it chose to be a harem, so it's garbage.
It's not. The only thing worthy about that series was Tenchi and Ryouko and the OP.
Universe is better.

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Something something Index 3 soon
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Jesus will Index 3 be true?
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I got your Index 3 right here girlie
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So Frenda is Touma's childhood friend and first love now?

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It kinda doesn't feel the same knowing there's not going to be an accompanying raw thread.
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I fell in love with this Mexican (Aztec) Goddess

Shouta and her should have their own spin-off anime
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You know, at first I thought she was just doing it on accident without knowing. But now I'm almost convinced she's doing that shit on purpose.
It's funny how the best character in a show about lesbians ends up being a gay dragon.

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Would you a cat for her birthday?
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A feline is also acceptable to most anons, yes.
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>they announce it's actually a "SideMiku" anime, not "SideM"
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How big is too big?
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When the size makes girl uneasy and uncomfortable. If she is happy, then there is no such thing as too big.
Not possible.
You talking about the dick OP?

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Dumping new chapter.
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Spoilers literally in less than 5 minutes and by minutes I mean hours
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What Bullshit will Hori give Deku to win?
Can't be any worse asspull than Mirio fighting against unhardened Kirishima (supposedly, that's the excuse, not proven) or Mirio fighting against Tooru with her clothes on or Magne - the only villain who can counter Mirio's OP quirk - being killed literally the next chapter after Mirio's ability is demonstrated

It will be a very mild asspull, all things considered
He'll lose in some stupid way and then pull off a funny All Might face as he goes down and make the guy laugh.

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